Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers – Non Surgical Facelifts and Non Surgical Augmentation Rhinoplasty


We have a saying at 8 West Clinic: “The best injectables are undetectable”.  In the hands of an experienced injector who understands facial volume, balance and Ogee Curves, dermal fillers look natural and beautiful. At our Vancouver, BC medical aesthetics clinic directed by Board Certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Buonassisi, we specialize in the complete spectrum of surgical and non surgical solutions for improving your facial features, and dermal fillers is one of our most popular treatments.

People who are interested in adding shape or volume to certain facial features may be good candidates for dermal fillers treatments. At 8 West Clinic, our treatment providers often use fillers to treat lines, folds, and wrinkles on the lower half of the face, as well as to “plump” the appearance of the cheeks or lips, enhance facial contour, and fill facial depressions—a combination of which you may perhaps hear is a non surgical facelift. Fillers in the nose are known as the non surgical augmentation rhinoplasty. The use of dermal fillers requires a medical professional to understand the unique properties of each filler product, and to have the artistic sense to know how to use a product in order to produce flattering results that look natural. We use dermal filler brands from the Juvederm and Restylane family of products, as they are extremely safe and have a long history of consistently proven results.

Dermal fillers can be used alone or in combination with other skin rejuvenating treatments such as Botox or Dysport wrinkle relaxers and laser & skin resurfacing for the ultimate anti-aging result.


Preparing for Your Procedure


One of the most appealing aspects of injectable treatments in Vancouver, like dermal fillers and Botox or Dysport, is that they require practically no preparation time. Patients simply schedule their visit to 8 West Clinic, have an individualized consultation to ensure their candidacy, and then have their injectable treatment performed. Patients can resume their normal activities almost immediately afterwards, so they do not need to plan for an extended recovery period.


Face and Lip Enhancement in Vancouver, Also Called The Non Surgical Facelift


Formation of wrinkles and loss of skin volume are inevitable aspects of aging. But with the help of dermal fillers, patients can enjoy a youthful and vibrant look for years to come. A non surgical facelift typically involves neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, and dermal fillers used in combination to take years off the face. Fillers replace the skin’s natural collagen and moisture that breaks down over time, and they are ideal for filling in facial hollows that give the complexion a gaunt or sunken appearance. Fillers are safe for a variety of skin types and our aesthetic nurses have used them to treat patients from a wide variety of ages.

Dermal fillers contain naturally-derived hyaluronic acid, a substance also found in the body’s connective tissues. Hyaluronic acid binds with water molecules in the skin to create volume and smooth wrinkles. Our aesthetic nurses may use this to treat nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth) as well as marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin.


Common Treatment Areas


Also called non surgical rhinoplasty. We inject a filler into the tip or bridge of the nose to augment and define nasal features.

Our aesthetic nurses commonly adds fillers to the lips to create a more plump, shapely, youthful appearance which can give a visual lift to the whole face. Lip augmentation with injectable fillers takes less than a minute to perform and the results last from 2 to 8 months depending on which filler product is used.

Adding volume to the cheeks is a safe and effective way to create the appearance of more prominent cheek bones, or create a more youthful looking cheek appearance. Many people try cheek filler treatments before undergoing cheek implant surgery as a way to test the look before they commit to a longer term solution. Find out more about fillers for Cheek Enhancement .

Facial Folds: 
As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and we lose the fat that once gave us a youthful appearance. As a result, it is common to see folds that develop in the face, commonly between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds) and between the corner of the mouth and the jaw (marionette lines). Fillers are a safe and effective way to plump up these folds. Find out more about fillers for Facial Folds . Treatment is very simple and takes only minutes to perform. In most cases, patients do not feel a significant amount of discomfort, but we can provide you with a topical anaesthetic or local anaesthetic to numb the area if needed.


Recovery & Results


Another popular benefit of dermal fillers is the immediate results they offer. Just a few minutes at 8 West Clinic can take several years off the appearance of your face. Most people feel comfortable returning to their day’s activities right after their visit, but some minor bruising or swelling may be apparent for the first few days following treatment.


What Do Dermal Fillers Do?


There is no doubt about it and millions of people around the world who have tried injectables agree: dermal fillers smooth and lift the skin and improve the signs of aging. Dermal fillers are carefully injected into areas of the face that would benefit from more volume. Volume is added in places where it has been lost (learn all about facial volume loss and how it changes the face here) or placed in areas to accentuate features/change genetic features.

Dermal fillers are often confused with Botox or other neuromodulator treatments. Yes, they are both injections, but that is where the similarity ends. Dermal fillers add volume while Botox softens dynamic wrinkles. There are many parts of the face that look lovely with volume and accentuation and dermal fillers are extremely popular for good reason: they work, there is usually little to no downtime and they are clinically proven safe when using the right product.


Who Would Benefit From Facial Fillers?


The facial fillers that are FDA approved in Canada are safe and appropriate for almost everyone. A detailed consultation with our injection specialists, including a discussion of your medications and health history will determine if you may be a candidate for this treatment. Generally speaking, there are two categories of people who would benefit from dermal fillers:

  • Age 35+, noticing changes in your face due to facial volume loss: Facial volume loss starts in all of us at about age 35 and the visible signs, which are subtle to start with, include shadowing and deepening folds around the nose, mouth and jawline. These effects can be worse in patients who are under high levels of stress or have low levels of body fat. Athletes who participate in a lot of exercise such as triathletes and long distance cyclists are very familiar with the term “runner’s face” which refers to a thin and gaunt mid face area and deepening nasolabial lines, and hallow temples. Patient experiencing facial volume loss will love the way dermal fillers add volume back to where it was before, making the face look more youthful and attractive. For these patients, dermal fillers will correct the signs of aging by lifting and filling the skin, and smoothing out wrinkles.
  • Patients wanting to change genetic features: A recessive chin, a small jaw a flat mid face area or small nose are all genetic characteristics that can successfully be modified with dermal fillers. Lip augmentation with fillers is one of the most commonly treated areas. Nasal injections (non surgical rhinoplasty) can increase the projection or definition of the nasal tip, or augment the bridge area.


What Are Dermal Fillers Made Out Of?


There are many types of dermal fillers on the market worldwide. At 8 West Clinic, we are extremely careful about the brands that we bring into our practice. We select FDA approved in Canada products that have a long history of success and have been safely used in millions of patients around the world. We like hyaluronic acid injections because they have low complication rates and are reversible. While we carry a complete line of brands that each address different types of augmentation requirements, and some last longer than others, we do not offer long lasting fillers. We select dermal fillers that are made of a molecule that is structurally the same as the hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in your body, but is produced in the laboratory so it is extremely consistent. Unlike collagen, it does not contain animal products and adverse allergic reactions are extremely rare. Your injector will discuss complications and reactions with you during your consultation.


Where Are Dermal Fillers Placed?


Experienced injectors have a deep understanding of facial anatomy and know where to place dermal fillers to ensure that they look natural.

There are many areas of the face that facial fillers are injected, and here is a list of the most common:

  • Lips: Some of us treat our lips because they are small to begin with, or we don’t like the shape. Others start up with lip fillers after the age of 35 or so when we lose volume in our faces and lips.
  • Cheeks: Deepening nasolabial folds are a sign that the cheeks have lost volume. Many people opt to inject directly into the folds (which has its pros and cons) or to deal with the actual problem, which is to rebuild the cheek area.
  • Lower eyelid hollows, or tear troughs: For patients will sunken or hollow looking lower eyelids, dermal fillers can be an excellent option.
  • Lower eyelid bags: While filler won’t remove the bags, in the right patient, they can disguise them.
  • Temples: Triathletes, cyclists and very active people with lower levels of body fat will often develop hollow temples, which can be corrected with dermal fillers.
  • Nasolabial folds and marionette lines: Facial folds can be smoothed with fillers to create a more youthful and defined look, while reducing the appearance of shadows.
  • Jawline: In the right patient, jowls can be camouflaged and the jawline smoothed and sculpted.
  • Hands: There are many other uses including dermal injections into the hands for people who have very thin skin and aged-looking hands.


Benefits of Dermal Fillers


When weighing your options for facial augmentation, it’s important to have your facts laid out. These are the facts on why dermal fillers can be beneficial:

  • See the results immediately
  • This is a minimally invasive non surgical treatment
  • Little to no downtime—some patients experience bruising that can last a few days
  • In the hands of an experienced injector, very high satisfaction rates
  • No anesthesia is required, although many of the FDA approved products in Canada have lidocaine in them so that as the injections are being executed, you will be subtly “numbed”
  • In the hands of an expert injector, natural-looking results
  • Results can be reversed or corrected—if you don’t like the way it looks, the product can be melted with hyaluronidase
  • Proven safety track record, approved by Health Canada and the FDA
  • Improves the signs of aging by lifting and filling the skin, and smoothing out folds
  • In most people, minimal discomfort and downtime


What Brand Should You Use?


At 8 West Clinic we carry at complete line of brands that are considered to be safe and are FDA approved in Canada. Some products are thicker, some last longer and some absorb less water. They differ in terms of the size of their particles, with smaller ones designed to eliminate fine wrinkles and larger ones aimed at softening deeper creases. The important thing is that during a proper consultation, your injector will recommend the best brand for your needs. The correct brand for you will depend on your specific facial anatomy, condition of your skin and an in-depth consultation with our dermal filler specialist. We carry the Juvederm and Restylane family of products, among others.


What Are You Waiting For?


Contact us today to book a dermal filler consultation, or call (604) 733-1669. Your medical history and medications will be taken into consideration, as well as your objectives and budget. We want to get you one step closer to loving your skin.