Meet the 8 West team

We’re proud to be the home of facial rejuvenation professionals who are at the top of their field, and that includes our highly qualified team who treat injectables as both a science and a finely-tuned art form. Our medical aesthetic team pride themselves on being the best, as they continue to up-skill, and even train others at a national level for many of our brand partners.

Equally as important as their skills and experience, our team also develops long-term relationships with their patients, assessing their specific muscle movement and anatomy in preparation for treatment. This allows us to tailor your treatment plan to best achieve your individual facial aesthetic goals.

Our medical aestheticians and registered nurse injectors offer a comprehensive and complimentary consultation to discuss your desired results, and provide quotes on your treatment plan. You can also book time for optional treatment after your consultation, in case you just can’t wait for the results to start.


Why we love Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

It’s easy to see why neuromodulator injections are such a popular choice among those of us who want a quick and easy way to smooth wrinkles and refresh our appearance. Wrinkle relaxing injections can be used to subtly soften targeted facial muscles to ease dynamic wrinkles that form around the eyes and forehead from making repeated facial expressions like smiling or frowning.

  • Treatment is quick and you can resume your regular activities right after with no downtime
  • Patients enjoy results that last for 3 – 4 months
  • Treatments are customized to your unique facial structure and goals
    Results leave you looking naturally refreshed
  • Neuromodulators can also be used to smooth dynamic wrinkles post surgery

Am I a Candidate? 

Patients wanting neuromodulator injections are often looking to smooth out wrinkles or stop them from forming in the first place. You could argue that everyone is a candidate for neuromodulator injections, not just those with wrinkles as it can also be used as a preventative treatment. Neuromodulator injections can also be utilized for conditions such as tension headaches and overactive sweating. If you’re wondering if wrinkle relaxing injections is for you, ask yourself if you want to prevent or diminish any of these signs of aging:

  • Forehead lines
  • Lines between the brows
  • Brow Lift
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Strong masseter muscle (facial slimming or bruxism/ grinding teeth)
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating underarms, palms, soles of feet)

During a complimentary consultation at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic, we’ll discuss your individual needs and your facial aesthetic goals. You’ll come away with a comprehensive treatment plan that’s designed just for you.

How is it performed? 

Neuromodulator injections involve your Aesthetic Nurse Injector treating targeted areas by administering several tiny injections directly into the muscles that cause expression lines to form. Knowing precisely where to inject is what makes the difference in achieving results that look and feel natural. Our Aesthetic Nurse Injectors are highly skilled at placing injections in the perfect areas for optimal results that you’ll love.

How Wrinkle Relaxing Injections work

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, or neuromodulators, are a botulinum toxin, meaning that they work to relax the muscles which they are injected into. Lines and wrinkles are formed from the natural expressions, and are categorized into two different types; dynamic and static.

  • Dynamic Wrinkles are those caused by making certain expressions; the lines by our mouth when laughing and smiling, the creases on your forehead when you frown or are focussing. These lines come and go with your expressions, but after a while can leave more permanent marks on your face.


  • Static Wrinkles are etched more permanently in our skin, and will remain during a neutral facial expression.

When used in small doses, neuromodulators subtly relax the muscles that form lines and wrinkles. This can be used preventatively to slow down the appearance of static lines, and also as treatment for dynamic and static lines, depending on your skin, facial muscles and severity of the wrinkles.


What to expect

Most patients begin to see diminished lines and wrinkles within a few days of their neuromodulator treatment, and you’ll see the full results within 5 to 14 days.

Each injection treatment takes only a few minutes to complete, and you can return to work or your other normal activities right away. It’s also safe to put makeup on within a few minutes of your treatment if you want to cover any redness. Any small red areas will only be visible immediately after the treatment and will reduce in a short period of time post treatment.

We suggest that people do not perform any strenuous exercise post-treatment, but light cardio is fine. We also ask that people do not lie down for 6 hours post-treatment, as this increases the risk of the product from migrating to other muscles/areas.

Wrinkle relaxing injections create smoother skin that lasts for 3 to 4 months for most people before another visit is required.


Complementary Treatments

A common service that is combined with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, often during your treatment, is Dermal Filler. This can be used to add volume and further boost the lifting and rejuvenating effects of the Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.

If wrinkles and fine lines, as well as mild loss of skin laxity is a major concern of yours, laser resurfacing treatments such as Halo and ProFractional Laser can be used to diminish the signs of aging, and boost your skin’s natural collagen production.

Learn more with a consultation

8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic offers complimentary consultations with all of our medical aesthetics treatment providers. During this consultation is when you can discuss your concerns, your aesthetic goals, and pricing. By the end of your appointment, you will have a custom treatment plan designed just for you, and you may even book additional time for optional treatment if you decide you would like this the same day.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation or appointment, please call the clinic on (604) 733-1669 or complete this online form to receive a call back from one of our friendly patient care managers.