In our commitment to providing only the very best in medical aesthetics, we provide a comprehensive array of skin & injectables services to treat a full range of concerns.

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Led by Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, one of North America’s most skilled board-certified facial plastic surgeons, 8 West Clinic is home to extensively experienced physicians, registered nurses, and medical aestheticians. Our providers combine their advanced training with a mastery of elevated techniques and industry-leading technologies to craft artful, efficacious results with individualized precision. We focus on a comprehensive spectrum of treatments with customized plans that are as unique as every individual who walks through our doors.

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Our unique comprehensive approach focuses on 360º treatment plans bespoke to no one else but you. We aim to help you achieve the best version of yourself—no matter where your starting point is.

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Skin & Injectables

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim is a gem!! I was nervous as it was my first time trying a treatment, she was so patient, answered all my questions, took her time and was so empathic and kind the whole time. She is truly special and so knowledgeable! And her approach is very subtle and minimalistic which is what

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Jowls are a natural part of the aging process and contribute to a less structured, tight or smooth-looking jawline.
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Thin Lips
Many of us have at least one thing about our appearance we wish we could change. For a great deal of us, that one thing is our thin lips. Genetics play a big role in lip size and shape. Some of us are born with thin lips naturally while the majority of us tend to simply lose volume over time.
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Naso Labial Grooves
The nasolabial folds are identified as the lines that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth and are commonly referred to as "laugh lines". They help make the cheek and upper lip distinctive by separating the two. Over time as we age we start to naturally lose volume in our cheeks causing the cheek to slide and the fold to become more pronounced.
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Puffy Eyes & Eye Bags
The appearance of puffy eyes can make us look more tired and more aged than we actually are. Thankfully, there are several options for improving the appearance of puffy eyes, including bags under the eyes and general eyelid puffiness.
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Vaginal Dryness
At 8 West Clinic in Vancouver, BC our plastic surgeons, registered nurses and medical aestheticians work with many women who are experiencing vaginal dryness and other related symptoms that affect sexual health, offering both surgical and non surgical treatments.
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Telangiectasias & Spider Veins
Telangiectasias, also called spider veins or angioectasias, are small dilated blood vessels that occur close to the surface of the skin — usually on the face, around the nose, cheeks and chin.
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Sagging Skin
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Large Pores
Among the most stubborn and tricky-to-treat skin-care problems are large pores.
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Acne Scars
Acne scarves are persistent marks on the skin arise after a breakout of acne, which is the clogging of a hair follicle that can cause damage deep in the skin.
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The joys of new motherhood aside, there’s one potential side effect of pregnancy most women would likely rather live without: melasma.
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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that mainly impacts areas of the face, such as the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.
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Cherry Angiomas
Their bright-red (or purple or, sometimes, even black) appearance may seem odd, but cherry angiomas are usually harmless. They are skin growths that can occur on almost any area of the body.
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Hyperpigmentation is characterized by the darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of melanin – a pigment produced by cells called melanocytes.
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Facial Folds
As we age, there are three types of folds in the face that become particularly bothersome for some patients.Facial folds were once thought to be deep wrinkles, but experts understand that folds are ultimately caused by a combination of loss of facial volume and sagging deep structures of the face which are accentuated by skin laxity.
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Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi provides a variety of wrinkle treatments in Vancouver, BC – from medical grade skin care to laser skin resurfacing. He and his team of skin specialists have extensive experience with the vast array of products and technologies that help prevent and correct wrinkles.
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Facial Volume Loss
If you are over the age of 35 and have noticed a change in your face shape, deepening lines around the nose and the mouth or shadowing near your chin/jaw, you are very likely experiencing facial volume loss.
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Anti-Aging Treatments
Learn about how our face changes over time and how anti-aging treatments can either prevent our most common concerns or turn back the clock to restore your face to a more youthful, glowing, and rejuvenated state.
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How the face ages
With every passing birthday, we see changes in our faces. Subtle signs such as fine lines, changes in skin texture and facial volume loss alter our faces subtly when we are young, and then accumulate to produce noticeable changes over the years.
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