Mini Lift (S Lift)

Mini Lift (S Lift)

Mini Facelift (S Lift)


A Mini Facelift (S Lift) is a less invasive Vancouver facelift surgery, performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, that is associated with less downtime, but also produces substantially less rejuvenation and lifting than a traditional facelift. This surgery is ideal for young patients under the age of 45 typically who are just beginning to see the signs of aging in the face, or for patients who have already had a facelift and desire a small “tuck up”. Features of the Mini Facelift include:

  • While still a surgical procedure, this surgery is less invasive than a facelift
  • Because Dr. Buonassisi creates a smaller skin flap than what is used with a facelift, the recovery time can be associated with less bruising and swelling
  • While there are recovery benefits to the smaller skin flap, less of the underlying facial structures can be accessed, meaning there is less of a degree of improvement to aging facial features as compared to with a facelift
  • This surgery is appropriate for younger patients who are just beginning to see the signs of aging in the face, characterized by very slight jowls and a less sharp jawline
  • This surgery is not appropriate for patients who have pronounced jowls or loose neck structures – these patients are candidates for a short or long incision facelift


Video: S Lift Surgery, Who is a Candidate?



How Mini Face Lift (S Lift) Is Performed


Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Buonassisi places incisions in the natural skin creases in front and behind the ear.  The skin of the lower face and neck is elevated away from the underlying muscle and fat. The extent of skin elevation is much less than with a traditional facelift. Excess skin is then trimmed and the incisions are meticulously closed to minimize their appearance. This procedure is often referred to as a “Tuck up” for patients who have had a facelift in the past or for those who only require modest rejuvenation of the skin only.  The recovery is generally shorter than for a formal facelift and the degree of improvement is less. Mini Facelift (S Lift) surgery typically takes from 2 – 2.5 hours, and patients can return home the same day.


Benefits of a Mini Facelift


The physical benefits of a Mini Facelift (S lift) are mild in comparison to a complete facelift. Patients can expect:

  • Modest tightening of the jaw line
  • Slight definition of the neck angle


Are You a Good Candidate for a Mini Face Lift?


Minilift (S Lift) surgery is not appropriate for patients who have pronounces jowls and/or loose neck structures. It can be appropriate for younger patients in their late thirties and early forties who are just beginning to see the signs of aging in the face.


Physical Features


You may be a candidate for a mini face lift if you have any of the following physical features:

  • Slight jowling
  • Mild laxity of the cheek skin
  • Minimal neck skin laxity