May 22, 2017

Patient Diary: Casey's HALO Experience

We were pleased to have a patient of ours, Casey, document her experience about her HALO Hybrid Fractionated Resurfacing laser treatment. From her pre-treatment consultation through to her appointment and her recovery, she's done a wonderful job of writing a diary to tell us about her experience. Take a look at her transformational skin story with 8 West Clinic.

Halo is a revolutionary hybrid laser treatment - the first ever laser to combine two laser wavelengths in one: ablative and non ablative. The ablative wavelength resurface the outside layers of the skin, and the non ablative creates columns deep in the skin which cause a healing response to plump up collagen. Patients get the best of both words: 1) smoother, clearer skin and 2) overall plumping and tightening.


I have been visiting 8 West Clinic since 2007 for Botox and injectables.  Dr. Buonassisi and the professional and caring service has always been consistent and pleasurable – they are so good at what they do.   

Years of outdoor activity, as well as a constant battle with cystic acne, has taken its toll on my complexion leaving sun damage and acne scarring.   When the 8 West team introduced their new host of skin treatments and care, I was all ears!  I was particularly interested in the Halo treatment as it was the most efficient and effective treatment to clear up the sun damage and scarring - and promised to leave a healthy glow. 

Indeed it did!  After just one treatment, much of my sun damage is addressed and my scarring well on its way.  My plan was to do two Halo treatments and take it from there - but after the amazing results of the first treatment-  a second to generate even more improvements in my acne scarring should be all that is required to meet my goals. 

The treatment took 25 minutes and the medical aesthetician, Suzanne, let me know what to expect prior to and talked me through every step.  Her calm and supportive bedside manner made a difference for me as we moved through the slightly uncomfortable - but NOT painful - treatment. 

I have written a journal detailing my experience of the days pre and post-treatment for anyone considering this complexion-improving treatment.  That said, it was almost identical of the literature provided by the 8 West Clinic team – another testament to their professionalism and expertise in their field.  

I would recommend the Halo treatment and the 8 West Clinic team to anyone looking to reinvigorate their complexion and re-energize their healthy glow!


Pre-treatment consultation with 8 West's medical aesthetician Kylie.  She took photos of my face using a dermatologic camera so she could assess my skin. I've had skin treatments elsewhere and have never had such a thorough consultation. The Visia Skin Analysis allowed her to compare my skin agains of a database of over 2500 people in my age group. In particular what was bothering me was brown spots and discoloration from the sun. Visia showed that I did indeed have them, deep down in my skin. We aligned on expectations, process of the treatment, and reviewed pre-treatment care protocol.  I am very excited for my Halo treatment! 

The objective for me, with a Halo treatment, was to improve fine lines and wrinkles, clear up my skin by reducing brown spots and tighten my skin in general with collagen stimulation. I'm excited.


I picked up the anti-viral medication from pharmacy and started the protocol. One more sleep until my Halo treatment!


I arrived to the clinic and was welcomed by 8 West Clinic's friendly and professional team.  Suzanne, walked me through the entire treatment and assured me that she would talk me through it as we underwent the procedure.

Step 1: Facial application of topical ointment to freeze the entire face. Sat for 45 minutes. Caught up on emails.

Step 2: Treatment.

Laid on the treatment bed furnished with a duvet blanket.  Suzanne explained that I will most likely feel cold during and after the procedure since my body will be attempting to cool down the heat generated on my face. 

The treatment was slightly uncomfortable - felt the heat but not painful.

When the first side was completed, I was given an ice pack to hold on my face while Suzanne completed the other side.  She was great at talking me through and checking in to ensure I was as comfortable as possible.  There was plenty of ice packs on hand to help with the heat on my face immediately following the procedure.  I went through a few.  I appreciated the duvet blanket as well as my body was cool as Suzanne suggested. I took about 15 minutes in the treatment room letting my body temperature normalize and I felt good to leave the clinic and drive home.

Suzanne gave me a post-procedure package which included daily instructions as well as creams to use for tenderness, a cleanser as well as a sunscreen to be worn if out and about.

Immediately following treatment, my face was very red - like an extreme sunburn.  The redness faded quite a bit throughout the rest of the day and evening.

I kept icing for about 45 minutes and though I took some with me, I didn't feel the need for the ice later. 

I applied the cream multiple times through the rest of the day with a healthy dose before bed.  I slept with my head propped up with an extra pillow as recommended to minimize swelling.


My face was still sunburn red, but was faded since day 1.  A small bit of swelling under eyes around cheekbone area - but this did not have major impact of my appearance for the day.  I had a slight bit of peeling - but not much at all.  I wiped my face with a damp face cloth and applied the cream and sunscreen and was out for the day.  By the evening, I had a bit of flakiness, more like coffee grinds on my face.

My face looked shiny and hydrated from the cream.  Texture was pretty rough, like a very light sandpaper feel.  I see an improvement in some fine lines around my eyes.


This morning I washed my face with the cleanser as provided and followed that with an application of the cream and sunscreen. 

The flaking is pretty intense today and the skin still has quite a rough texture similar but softer than yesterday.   I very gently massaged my face with the cleanser and that helped take care of much of the flakes.

There were still some flaky areas, but I let them be - they will come off in their own time.  I could have applied mineral makeup today, but didn't since it was a quiet day at home with family.


This morning, my face was just lightly rough in some areas after cleansing.  I didn't need to apply makeup for the day so just went with the cream and sunscreen.  I am getting really excited about the final results as I see a major improvement in my sun damage as we'll as fine lines around my lines.  My skin texture looks much more even as well which will help with the damage created by a history of cystic acne.

Kylie from the clinic called to check in on me which I appreciated.  I reported back that everything went smoothly and as they had described.

I had an evening event and felt very comfortable to go out this evening after applying my Jane Iredale mineral makeup that I purchased at 8 West Clinic.


My skin is no longer flaky - and everyone is telling me I glow!  I couldn't be happier. 

I had my follow up appointment with Suzanne. We did a facial scan in the office to review the improvements in my complexion.  The improvement was amazing.  Suzanne tells me I have even more to look forward to as the collagen that is generated from the treatment won't be fully visible for another 6 weeks or so - and this will improve the appearance of my scarring even more.

I purchased a few Dr. Zo skin care products which I am in love with (vitamin C, sunscreen, Retamax, under eye night cream, moisturizer) before I left.

DAY 60

Two months after my treatment I could not be happier. 

Friends (some who work in the aesthetics industry) have noted an amazing improvement particularly in my scarring - but comment on my overall glow.

I could not be happier with my results and will plan for a second treatment within the next month to take this glowing face to the next level!   

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