December 28, 2016

Sizers: A Breakthrough in Breast Augmentation

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Considering it�s one of � if not the � most important aspects of breast augmentation, pre-surgical sizing has, til recently, presented some rather obvious problems. From awkward rice bags to rubbery implants, traditional sizing methods, meant to give patients an idea of what their breasts could look like after surgery, have not provided the most pleasant experience or realistic simulation. Now, new silicone sizers offered by 8 West Cosmetic Surgery have changed the sizing game for good. Here�s how:


Silicone Sizers Mean a Better Bra Fit

Our silicone sizers are much easier for patients who are considering a breast augmentation procedure to fit around their natural breasts and inside their bra. The problem with using actual breast implants to size prior to surgery is that they, at best, sit atop the breast, giving a far less natural or realistic simulation of what your result could look like.

Silicone Sizers Mean a More Realistic Look

Again, the fact that our silicone sizers are specifically designed to fit comfortably around the existing breasts and inside the bra mean that you will get a much better and more realistic idea of what your body will look like after surgery. In fact, the only real downside to is that, while the sizers will give you a glimpse into your future, they can't ultimately determine exactly how many cubic centimeters of liquid volume will be needed to get the desired outcome. Fortunately, the board-certified surgeons at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery are experts at assessing your body and factoring in your goals to make the best decision around implant size.Ready to find out more � or to come in and try our sizers on for size? Book your free consultation today!

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