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Transform your eyes with double eyelid surgery to create a defined crease, opening up your eyes for a captivating look. Trust in the skilled hands of Dr. Thomas Buonassisi for a natural-looking result.

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Double Eyelid Surgery Services

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Double Eyelid Surgery in Vancouver, BC

Double eyelid surgery is a very specific surgery to create a natural-looking crease in the upper eyelid, which we perform with either an Incisional Technique or a Suture Technique. When it comes to eyelid surgery to help create a certain desired feature (such as the eyelid crease), having a highly skilled surgeon who has experience with all different face and eyelid shapes is imperative. This is to help ensure that your surgical and cosmetic goals are achieved, and are done so in a way that compliments your other facial features; leaving you happy and confident in your results.


A Precision Approach

As one of Canada’s top cosmetic facial surgeons, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi leads the team at 8 West Clinic and carries extensive experience, having performed facial cosmetic surgery for over 20 years. Dr. Buonassisi has travelled the world to train with renowned experts in the field, working closely with top surgeons in the United States and Australia. Being an expert in his field, Dr. Buonassisi has performed thousands of facial cosmetic procedures and has honed his surgical skills into an artform.

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The Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

Being a very specific form of eyelid surgery, the benefits of this procedure are very specific and the primary focus is on those who do not have a natural eyelid crease and wish for one. Although, there are some additional benefits when having this surgery, which include:

  • Larger, more open eyes
  • More exposed upper eyelashes
  • Less upper eyelid puffiness

Our Process

Our unique comprehensive approach focuses on 360º treatment plans bespoke to no one else but you. We aim to help you achieve the best version of yourself—no matter where your starting point is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for double eyelid surgery?

If you were born with eyelids that do not have a crease, or your creases are asymmetrical, and you are bothered with the appearance of closed, puffy upper eyelids, double eyelid surgery may be the ideal option for you.

You may be a candidate for double eyelid surgery if you have any of the following physical features:

  • Single eyelid (no upper eyelid fold)
  • Asymmetrical upper eyelid folds
  • Single or asymmetrical eyelid and puffy upper eyelids characterized by excess eyelid skin
How is double eyelid surgery performed?

At 8 West Clinic, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi performs two different types of double eyelid surgery; the incisional and suture techniques. Which technique is used depends on a number of deciding factors, and depends on the candidacy of each individual patient. During your in-person consultation with Dr. Buonassisi, the technique that is optimal for you will be discussed.

Incisional Technique: Dr. Buonassisi carefully makes fine incisions in the upper eyelid skin, and removes any excess skin and fat that is necessary. The incision is then sealed using stitches, and the surgical scar is hidden in the new eyelid crease. Double eyelid surgery takes approximately 1 hour, and patients can return home the same day.

Suture Technique: Rather than making an incision and removing fat and skin, the suture technique (as the name indicates) utilizes a number of small incisions, and surgical thread being placed throughout the eyelid to create a crease. The suture remains in the eyelid, and will compress the eyelid skin to create the crease. This technique can be revised and altered at a later date, by removing the suture, and repeating the procedure.


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Patrice G.
Double Eyelid Surgery

Beautiful office! Dr Buonassisi provided very thorough, explanation of surgical options and realistic outcomes. Pleasant approachable demeanour.

Lorie M.
Double Eyelid Surgery

First visit to 8 West — beautiful clinic, lovely staff & Dr. Buonassisi’s bed side manner is excellent. He answered all of my questions and gave me great comfort about my upcoming procedure. I highly recommend this clinic.

Vanessa T.
Double Eyelid Surgery

I would definitely recommend this clinic because all the staff here are very welcoming and the clinic is very modern and clean. The doctor was also very honest and clearly knew what he was doing. I could put my trust in him to get the surgery done. I had a great experience and would recommend.

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