November 1, 2023

Facelift in Canada: Why Americans are Looking North for Surgery

Facelift in Canada: Why Americans are Looking North for Surgery
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In recent years, an increasing number of Americans have been crossing the border to Canada to undergo facelift surgeries. While certain regions in the United States have long been hubs for cosmetic procedures, many patients are now discovering the numerous benefits of choosing Canada for their facelift surgery.Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, one of Canada�s leading board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeons based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has said that "Many of our patients from across the border are coming from Washington State or even as far as California, and have been very happy with their decision to choose Vancouver for a significant surgery like a facelift." Let�s explore why Americans are turning to our neighbors to the north for their facial rejuvenation needs with surgeons like Buonassisi, and shed light on the advantages of having a facelift surgery in Canada versus in the USA.

Affordability: How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Canada?

One of the most compelling reasons why Americans are seeking facelift surgeries in Canada is the affordability factor. The cost of medical procedures in the United States can be significantly higher than in Canada, making it a financially appealing option for patients seeking quality care without breaking the bank.Popular searches for phrases like "how much is a facelift in Canada" and "face lift cost Canada" indicate that cost-conscious individuals are actively seeking cost-effective alternatives to options in the States. Even with the stronger American dollar, renowned Canadian facelift surgeons with as much as (or more) experience as their fellow surgeons down south continue to offer competitive pricing without compromise to quality of care. The result is an attractive proposition for American patients seeking high-quality yet slightly more budget-friendly surgeries. According to Dr. Buonassisi, "The affordability of facelift surgery in Canada is a key factor that is drawing many patients from the USA recently."Now, the big question: How much does a facelift cost in Canada? Different regions will vary, but on average, patients can probably expect to pay in the range of $14,000-$30,000+ CAD (approximately $10,000-$21,600+ USD) for their facelift surgery in Vancouver, British Columbia compared to an average of up to $40,000+ USD in areas of the United States like California, and even upwards of $70,000+ USD for advanced procedures like the deep plane facelift. However, It's important to note that the exact cost of a facelift can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the procedure, the surgeon's expertise, and any associated fees.


Canada's proximity to the United States makes it a convenient destination for Americans seeking facelift surgery. Shorter travel distances and the absence of overseas flights are major advantages, allowing patients to reduce travel-related stress and expenses. With the proliferation of telehealth in the new post-pandemic era and the resulting availability of virtual consultations at practices like Buonassisi�s, having a facelift internationally is easier than ever.Moreover, while Canadians speak a diverse array of languages, it�s notable to remember that English is the nation�s official language. This eliminates any language barrier, ensuring seamless communication between patients and providers. Patients can comfortably discuss their concerns, expectations, and post-operative care without the potential language hindrances that they may encounter abroad.


Standards and Quality of Care

Canada boasts a robust medical care system with high standards of patient care and safety. As medical practitioners, Canadian plastic surgeons and their surgical teams of anesthesiologists and registered nurses are thoroughly-regulated and adhere to strict guidelines, providing patients with peace of mind regarding the quality of their facelift surgery experience from pre-op to surgery day and beyond.When searching for a reputable surgeon, it's crucial to consider the surgeon's accreditations. Canadian surgeons often hold certifications from respected organizations at both provincial and federal levels, such as the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. These certifications signify a commitment to excellence in plastic surgery and are a testament to the surgeon's qualifications and expertise.[ngg src="galleries" ids="574" display="basic_imagebrowser"]

The Best Facelift in Canada: The Deep Plane Facelift Technique

The deep plane facelift technique is progressively gaining popularity in the field of facial plastic surgery, and certain practices around the world and in Canada have become recognized hubs for this advanced procedure.The deep plane facelift offers numerous advantages over traditional facelift techniques. The technique is essentially performed by gaining access to the deep layers of the face while meticulously navigating around its complex structures (read: any generalist plastic surgeon would not attempt this without extensive experience working in the face). The manipulation of all layers of the face beyond just the skin ultimately allows for a greater lifting ability, and the end result is the longer-lasting and more natural-looking outcome that is so desired today.Canadian plastic surgeons like Buonassisi are at the forefront of mastery and continued refinement in the complexities of advanced techniques such as the deep plane facelift. Patients seeking the best facelift possible can benefit from the expertise of facial plastic surgeons who are skilled in this innovative approach. When researching potential surgeons, be sure to inquire about their experience and proficiency in advanced techniques like the deep plane facelift to achieve the most optimal results. Even if you may not be a candidate for the technique, you can be assured that you�re seeing a true expert of facial rejuvenation knowing your surgeon regularly performs the procedure.

How to Get Started

If you're considering a facelift in Canada, the first step is to research and select a reputable plastic surgeon. Look for board-certified facial plastic surgeons with relevant credentials, who truly specialize in cosmetic surgery of the face. They should have a long track record of performing facelift surgeries for different types of patients, and don�t forget to consider it a great sign of skill if they regularly perform deep plane facelifts�whether or not that's the technique you prefer.Have a chat with the chosen practice to discuss your goals, expectations, costs, and any concerns you may have. Note that the surgical consultation with the doctor typically necessitates a paid fee for the surgeon�s time, and may not warrant the total costs of traveling if you find yourself being told that you aren�t a candidate for surgery due to something like a particular anatomical feature or a health history concern.High-volume practices like Dr. Buonassisi�s may have services in place to prevent this, such as a pre-assessment call with a dedicated patient care manager taking place in combination with a review of patient photos submitted online. This is a simple yet incredibly helpful candidacy screening tool in the initial stages. Dr. Buonassisi�s pre-assessment and photo review process precedes all consultations and are done complimentary for both local and out-of-town patients.Finally, if you�re ready to move to the consultation stage, ensure you have the necessary documentation for your trip if you�ve booked an in-person visit, including a valid passport and any required visas. Plan your travel logistics and accommodations in advance to make your experience as smooth as possible. Whether your surgical consultation is in-person or virtual, prepare in advance a list of questions you haven�t yet had answered to make sure you�ll be able to make the most out of your time with the surgeon, and that you�ll come away with the insights you need to make a confident decision or whether or not to move forward with facelift surgery.

Dr. Buonassisi and Patient

About Vancouver�s Leading Facelift Specialist, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, MD

As one of Canada�s top cosmetic facial surgeons and an award-winning eyelid surgery specialist in Vancouver, BC, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi leads the team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic and carries extensive experience, having performed facial cosmetic surgery for over 20 years. Dr. Buonassisi has traveled the world to train with renowned experts in the field, working closely with top surgeons in the United States and Australia.What makes Dr. Buonassisi one of the most respected and well-known facial cosmetic surgeons?

  • Board Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Thousands of Facial Cosmetic Surgeries Performed
  • RealSelf Verified Surgeon
  • Voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Vancouver for 4 consecutive years

Being an expert in his field, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi has performed thousands of facial cosmetic procedures and has honed his surgical skills into an artform. As a surgeon who regularly performs deep plane facelifts, neck lifts, mini facelifts, and other facial rejuvenation surgeries for Vancouver, BC patients on a weekly basis, Dr. Buonassisi has a proven track record of high patient satisfaction.

�Better than the face I was born with! I contacted 8 West and Dr. B for a facelift. After much research, I chose Dr. B because he specializes in facial surgery. Five months post surgery, I can say that I am thrilled with the results! I opted for all of Dr. B's recommendations and told him to work his magic without any micromanaging on my part. I'm so happy I trusted my decision. The process was easy and by day 11, I was out having lunch with a friend. If you are thinking about a facelift, I highly recommend you have a consultation with Dr. B!� � CH

Get the Conversation Started

If you're considering a facelift surgery, we invite you to explore the benefits of choosing Canada for your procedure. Our experienced team is here to ensure that you receive the top-notch care and remarkable results we�re known for. Contact us today to get the conversation started and take the first step towards a more youthful and refreshed appearance.By getting in touch with us, you�ll be connected with a patient care manager who will assist you with the pre-assessment and complimentary photo review process. Join the growing number of international patients who have discovered the advantages of having their facelift surgery with Dr. Buonassisi in Canada. No matter your questions, you�ll be in the best hands. To start the pre-assessment process, fill out our online form, or call (604) 733-1669 today.

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