October 24, 2022

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation Rhinoplasty in Vancouver

You might be hearing lots of the term "preservation rhinoplasty" lately, which is something that Vancouver's leading rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi has noticed with the recent spike in inquiries for it at his busy practice, 8 West Clinic. In big picture terms, Dr. Buonassisi explains that "Preservation rhinoplasty is a specific technique for performing nose job surgery and is considered a subtle, modern approach to modifying the aesthetic appearance of the nose". While it has been gaining recent popularity, the technique, in fact, has been around for a long time and is just one of the tools that any experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will have in their tool kit.

But how exactly does Preservation Rhinoplasty work?
Keep on reading to learn about how preservation rhinoplasty is performed, the benefits of preservation rhinoplasty, and who preservation rhinoplasty is for.

How is preservation rhinoplasty performed? 

The primary goal of preservation rhinoplasty is to retain as much of the patient's original bone and cartilage as possible while improving the general appearance of the nose. The technique is used exclusively for modifying the nasal bridge (i.e. taking down a slight hump), while traditional techniques are still required for any tip modifications. In the right patient, however, it is a phenomenal technique that can give excellent results.

In achieving this, the surgeon's aim when choosing to use the preservation rhinoplasty technique is to lower the nose bridge from the inside—without any reduction to the superficial surface of the bridge. Some of the septum and nasal walls are removed from the inside to shorten their overall size, gently bringing down the entire structure of the nose and "reducing" the hump on the nasal bridge.

You might be able to better imagine this notion of "letting down" the nasal structures by picturing a camera tripod. You can bring down a tripod by taking its legs and shortening its overall height where the feet are, without touching anything at the head of the tripod and thereby solidly retaining its position where the camera would sit. In a preservation rhinoplasty, a strategic amount of the septum and sidewalls of the nose are removed on the inside (at the bottom; where the "feet" of the tripod are), and the overall height is shortened while the nasal bridge itself remains solidly untouched from above and is completed retained.

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What are the benefits of Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty is as much of a surgical approach as the traditional technique, and won't differ in things like downtime and recovery. However, it can sometimes be considered a less invasive process than the traditional technique, which many might see as a benefit. When performing a standalone preservation rhinoplasty, the surgeon won't require an incision to lift the skin from the nasal structures in order to shave or cut down the bridge, and the nasal structures are accessed from inside through the nostrils instead.

Maintaining this, the technique isn't quite analogous to the "closed rhinoplasty" approach per se (where the rhinoplasty is performed through incisions inside the nostril to directly modify the nasal structures, rather than at the columella to allow open access to the bridge and structures of the nose). For ideal results, a rhinoplasty procedure can often require a combination of techniques to modify more than just the height of the nose bridge, and this could possibly mean requiring use of the open rhinoplasty approach in addition to the preservation technique.

Regardless of the approach, preservation rhinoplasty is still an advanced technique that requires a great deal of skill to master, and one that any experienced rhinoplasty specialist will have in their back pocket as an option for the right candidates.

If you'd like to learn more about preservation rhinoplasty, see the below video where Vancouver's leading rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi himself explains the approach in detail while providing a more visual demonstration of how the technique is performed using the tripod analogy.

Who is Preservation Rhinoplasty for?

Because the attachments and the overall shape at the surface of the nose are untouched in a preservation rhinoplasty, it may not be the right technique for everyone. The technique treats the hump only, but can absolutely also be used in conjunction with more traditional techniques aimed at modifying the nose tip for some patients who may require tip changes.

A patient who already has a really nice nose on the front view and might just have a slight hump on the side view may be the perfect candidate for preservation rhinoplasty. Only about 20% of cases fall under this category. That said, there are certainly still ways for those who require the traditional technique to reconstruct the surface attachments and overall contour of the nose to create just as beautiful of a result.

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