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Lip lift surgery enhances the appearance of the lips by shortening the upper lip and increasing its visibility for a more youthful pout, improved proportions, and a rejuvenated facial aesthetic.

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Lip Lift Surgery in Vancouver, BC

A person’s smile can light up a room, and the lips are the perfect frame for your pearly expression of glee and delight. Sometimes, a person’s lips may hide the top half of their smile, or an unbalanced lip may distract from your cheerful grin—this is where lip lift surgery may be the ideal option for you. A lip lift works to reduce the distance between the top of the upper lip and the base of the nose—the area known as the philtrum—to reframe your smile in a whole new light.


A Precision Approach

Board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi’s “less is more” approach to surgery and aesthetics helps to create a subtle, yet striking result that will have you kissing your gorgeous reflection in every mirror you pass by. Led by award-winning surgeon Dr. Buonassisi, 8 West Clinic has dedicated over 20 years to perfecting surgery and medical aesthetics into an artform. Having performed thousands of lip lifts, you are in the safest and most experienced of hands with our team of surgical professionals.

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The Benefits of Lip Lift Surgery

For the ideal candidate, a lip lift is an excellent surgical option for those wanting to alter the proportions and appearance of their upper lip area. It is a great permanent procedure for those who wish to enjoy these lip lift benefits:

  • Effectively combat a common sign of aging where the area between the nostrils and upper lip (the philtrum) begins to droop and lengthen
  • Enhancing a smile that is hidden by the top lip, giving your smile a more striking presence
  • Adjusting any asymmetry in the upper lip to add balance and proportion to your smile and face
  • Exposes more of the red of the top lip (the vermillion), giving your lips a natural, slightly fuller appearance

Our Process

Our unique comprehensive approach focuses on 360º treatment plans bespoke to no one else but you. We aim to help you achieve the best version of yourself—no matter where your starting point is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for lip lift surgery?

While lip lifts are becoming increasingly popular, there are very specific factors that determine your candidacy. This is because the lip lift procedure targets only the upper lip, and works by reducing the space between upper lip and the base of the nose (the philtrum).

If any of the following applies to you and your desired results, lip lift surgery may be perfect for you:

  • You’ve always had an elongated distance between the base of the nostrils and the top lip border and want to shorten it
  • Your natural lip line has lowered as a result of aging and your lips appear smaller than they once did
  • You want to expose more of your upper teeth to form a larger and more striking smile
  • You want youthful lips that are in balance with the proportions of your facial features

For those who are not a candidate for lip lift surgery but are still wanting similar results, you may wish to consider Dermal Fillers.

How is lip lift surgery performed?

The most common procedure is called the Bullhorn Lip Lift, where Dr. Buonassisi removes the skin just below and to the sides of the nostrils and raises the upper lip to the desired position.

Your lip lift procedure takes about 1 hour, and is performed under local anaesthetic, such as lidocaine, to numb the area. This helps to ensure that you are pain-free and experience minimal or no discomfort during your surgery.

Dr. Buonassisi will begin by drawing an outline below your nostrils (resembling a bullhorn shape) to show where he will place the incisions. Dr. Buonassisi will then proceed by removing a tiny strip of skin and tissue, tightening the muscle, and lifting the lip to the desired new position, anchoring the skin to the base of the nose.

He will then complete the surgery by placing dissolvable stitches where the incisions were. These are placed in a strategic way so that any scarring will be disguised in the natural folds and creases of your nose and upper lip.

How long does it take to recover from lip lift surgery?

Lip lift surgery is a highly customizable procedure, and Dr. Buonassisi crafts your surgery based off of your unique facial composition, and with your individual aesthetic goals in mind. Once your procedure is complete, most patients wish to take about 1 week off from work or other social activities to allow any redness and swelling to subside. Swelling and the discreet scar will heal in approximately 2-3 months.

Any redness and scarring can easily be covered with makeup, and we also have a number of scar management options available, such as ProFractional Laser—just ask your patient care manager or Dr. Buonassisi about these during your discussions.

Due to swelling after your surgery, your upper lip may appear fuller and will settle after a couple of months. Because the results of a lip lift are permanent, you’ll come away with long-lasting, natural, and refreshed results the same day.


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Ylenia D.
Lip Lift Surgery

The staff at 8 West is super friendly! I would highly recommend Dr.Buonassisi to anyone wanting to have facial surgery- he is the best.

Shay B.
Lip Lift Surgery

Dr. Buonassisi is the BEST! I am beyond thrilled with my results. The entire process was SO easy, the surgery, the recovery...everything. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

Nancy M.
Lip Lift Surgery

I have had several procedures at 8 west. They have all been made as easy as possible and i am very happy with the results. Recently I had a full face, lip, neck and brow lift and am thrilled with results. I look like me, but younger. Recovery was not difficult. Everyone at 8 west was amazing.

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