November 26, 2022

10 Gift Ideas for the Skincare and Wellness-Obsessed

Blog - 8 West Clinic Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Christmas is right around the corner! And what does that mean? It's that time of year again where our clients are coming in to have their treatments done ahead of the holidays and are also getting a little bit of gift shopping done while they're at it. Popping in for a quick Botox top-up for that holiday party in 2 weeks and then checking off the bestie, sister, other sister, and sister-in-law from the to-buy list? We would argue that you're probably more productive than Santa this year!

So, what exactly are the best gift ideas at 8 West Clinic for the skincare and wellness-obsessed in 2022? Our list includes a nice mix for different budgets of some of the top-selling and the latest recommendations from leading-edge skincare brands, such as Biologique Recherche and other premium brands, many of which are difficult to find in Vancouver. We've even thrown in a few treatment ideas available at our award-winning clinic for those dreaded ones on your list who fall under people who have everything. Yes, we've thought of it all!

Before we get into our 2022 gift guide, let's first break down how you can save on your holiday shopping at 8 West Clinic.

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8 West Clinic's Best Gift Ideas in 2022

Our shelves at the clinic are stocked with medical-grade skincare from coveted brands like SkinCeuticals and ZO Skin Health, but also a curated selection of luxurious self-care essentials from premium brands that help tackle skin health from the inside out: think collagen supplements that are too gorgeous to hide away in your pantry and decadent aromatherapy body oils to indulge in your downtime. Perfect for the giftee on your list who is all about their skincare and wellness rituals. Read on for ideas!

Looking to skip to our recommended "giftable" treatments? Scroll to the end of the list!

*All prices in this article are listed as at the time of publishing.

1. SkinCeuticals 

For the SkinCeuticals lover on your list, we have to recommend SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Essence Mist ($88.00), a newly-launched item this year. This facial mist is the next evolution of the Phyto Corrective Gel serum that hydrates, soothes, and reduces visible skin redness due to dryness while strengthening the skin barrier in an innovative hygienic, touchless format that makes it perfect for being on-the-go.

It contains a phyto botanical blend of boldus leaf, cucumber, thyme, olive leaf, and rosemary extracts that soothe and calm the skin. It also contains 0.2% hyaluronic acid and 6% glycerin to help draw and retain water in the skin.

A new addition to their popular medical-grade Phyto Corrective line, the mist sports that same calming green colour that looks so dazzling on the bathroom counter that you'll want to use it everyday.

Looking to Splurge?

Go for one of SkinCeuticals 2022 holiday sets! Each set this year comes in a luxurious vegan Saffiano leather regimen pouch, and also comes with various limited-edition complimentary additions depending on the set. You can choose from the following:

  • SkinCeuticals Ultimate Anti-Aging Firming Set ($580.00) which includes C E Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, A.G.E. Interrupter, Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen, and A.G.E. Eye Complex and a firming facial roller as complimentary gifts. The retail value of this set totals $745. 
  • SkinCeuticals Acne-Prone Skin Control Set ($316) which includes Silymarin CF and Blemish + Age Defense, and Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen and Cryo Facial Globes as complimentary gifts. The retail value of this set totals $406. 
  • SkinCeuticals Advanced Eye-Firming Treatment Set ($192.00) which includes AOX Eye Gel, A.G.E. Eye Complex, and a soothing recovery eye sleeping mask as a complimentary gift. The retail value of this set totals $241. 
  • SkinCeuticals Lip Plumping Treatment Set ($117.00) which includes Antioxidant Lip Repair, H.A. Intensifier Mini, and an innovative lip refining brush as a complimentary gift. The retail value of this set totals $132.

2. ZO Skin Health 

When it comes to ZO Skin Health, the classic gift idea is always going to be one of their several skincare program kits. Known for its truly science-backed and results-oriented formulations, ZO is the award-winning brainchild of top dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi.

For the new-to-skincare giftee on your list, we have no hesitations recommending the ZO Skin Health Daily Skincare Program ($180.00). This kit contains ZO's Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Complexion Renewal Pads, and best-selling Daily Power Defense each in smaller travel sizes that are great for those who may not want to commit to the full sized products just yet. The perfect starter kit that takes the intimidation out of starting a medical-grade skincare regimen for the first time, it's no wonder this program was initially named the Phase 1 Kit.

Looking to splurge? Go for the ZO Skin Health Illuminating AOX Serum ($198.00). New to ZO this year, their latest antioxidant product is a concentrated serum that provides advanced protection against pollution and premature signs of aging while visibly brightening the skin with a subtly luminous, soft-focus finish. We love how this serum provides all-day environmental protection against future signs of aging, while also immediately blurring imperfections and restoring a healthy, glowing sheen to the skin. A full dewy look, without the sparkle!

3. Biologique Recherche 

The epitome of French skincare, Biologique Recherche's innovative science-backed products contain biologically active and concentrated formulas, combined with a highly customized approach to skincare. Biologique Recherche's Lotion P50T ($80.00 for 150ml or $124.00 for 250ml) is a constant best-seller and the cult classic product any skincare buff will want to find in their stocking.

Despite its name, Lotion P50T is a multifunctional vitamin-enriched exfoliating toner that gently purifies the skin and helps regulate excess surface sebum with active ingredients like niacinamide, lactic acid, Arctium lappa, and glycerin. It mattifies, hydrates, and maintains the acid pH of the epidermis to help get your skin to its healthiest-looking glow. While its natural vinegarish scent might need some time to get used to, P50 is the magic skin juice many skinfluencers and celebrities alike will swear by.

Looking to splurge? Biologique Recherche's latest addition to their line of quintessential serums this year is the ultimate must-have that's revolutionizing wrinkle treatments. As a result of groundbreaking research and development, the skin redensifying Collagène Originel ($210.00) was born with a formula featuring their new patented Type-0 Collagen, or the ''mother of all collagens''. This stunning blue-toned serum works at the cellular level to efficiently stimulate the production of the four main types of collagen in a three-dimensional manner, helping to tone and firm the skin while smoothing wrinkles.

4. Colorescience 

The Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield FLEX ($59.00) is hands-down the easiest gift idea from the leaders in mineral SPF, Colorescience. Anyone and everyone needs sun protection for their skin, and Colorescience is the physician-favourite brand that puts mineral suncare first while also going beyond UV with its potent, clinically-tested formulas which keep long-term skin health in mind.

Face Shield FLEX is a lightweight tinted sunscreen for all skin types that immediately adapts to and evens out skin tone for a flawless look. With all the bells and whistles, this hydrating, antioxidant-rich formula provides protection against UVA/UVB, blue light, pollution, and infrared radiation. The innovation in Face Shield FLEX are in its iron oxide pigments, which bloom in your fingertips to deliver tone-adapting buildable color coverage. Even with only four available shades, each one adapts to a broad range of skin tones, so know that you'll be safe as long as you choose the closest option to your giftee's skin!

Looking to splurge? This one is for Little Miss ''Reapplies SPF Every 2 Hours''. The Colorescience EnviroScreen Protection Brush-On Shield ($89.20 or $178.40 for a 3-pack) is the constantly award-winning star from Colorescience's range of products that provides complete protection (just like Face Shield FLEX) in one convenient, on-the-go application that comes in four shades. With its new and improved brush flow, Brush-On Shield changes the game when it comes to applying and reapplying your sunscreen, making it easy to wear either alone or over makeup, anywhere at anytime.

5. Lady Suite 

One of the essentials from California-based intimate skincare brand Lady Suite, the science-backed Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser ($21.00) is a great gift for anyone on your list who wants to put a little more TLC towards their intimate health.

This derm-tested intimate wash promotes harmony down south and offers a gentle formula made to cleanse and condition the delicate vulva skin. It also supports natural pH and combats unwanted odor, itchiness, and discomfort with probiotic-derived bioactives. Cosmetic-grade rose quartz powder provides gentle exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and blemishes before they start. Plus, it feels cushiony, hydrating, and contains soothing fruit extracts that give it a heavenly scent.

Looking to splurge? The Rejuvenating Botanical Oil ($60.00) is the most luxurious step in the Lady Suite skincare-for-down-there regimen that still provides powerful dermatologist-approved care. This ultra soothing Omega-rich blend seals in hydration to help prevent skin dryness and irritation from shaving, working out, and hormonal changes that impact vulvar skin integrity from periods to menopause. Daily use provides nourishing oils like organic jojoba and meadowfoam seed to help retain skin's essential moisture and ceramide levels along with soothing extracts that bring relief to itchy, irritated skin.

6. AURA Inner Beauty

If you know someone who's been lusting over the alluring bottles and packages from Vancouver-made AURA Inner Beauty, now's the time to make the leap with their brand new mini bundles! We completely stand by AURA's motto to "nourish your beauty from within", and love how easy they make it to simplify our health and wellness with unique, comprehensive, and easy-to-take inner beauty products that help us rise to the occasion of our every-day, fast-paced, modern lifestyles.

The Afterglow Mini Bundle ($67.00) makes it simple to discover a new wellness ritual and allows you to try travel-ready sizes of their Inner Beauty Restorative Powder and Wildberry Hibiscus Marine Collagen Elixir. Inner Beauty is filled with super berries and a great way to start hydrating your skin, moisturizing your glow, and nourishing your beauty from within. Wildberry Hibiscus Marine Collagen contains special amino acids, the triple helix, glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline, to support skin hydration, promote thicker hair, and strong nail growth.

Also available are the Nourish Mini Bundle ($69.00) containing AURA's Inner Balance Restorative Powder paired with their Coconut Marine Collagen Elixir, and the Clarity Mini Bundle ($71.00) containing AURA's Inner Focus Restorative Powder paired with their Passionfruit Marine Collagen Elixir. Each bundle of minis comes packaged in a lavish box ready-to-go for gifting.

Looking to splurge? AURA's marine collagen elixirs are absolute best-sellers, and we wonder if one of the reasons may be because the stunning glass bottles are so hard to not just leave sitting on the kitchen counter (but we're sure it's also because they boast specifications like being gluten-free, non-GMO, made from organic, ethical & sustainable sources, free from artificial flavours & colours, and wild-caught marine collagen). For the ultimate collagen elixir gift, we would offer the AURA Inner Beauty Caramel Marine Collagen Elixir ($72.00), which is a limited edition product that won't be restocking once they're sold out! This caramel-flavoured liquid supplement is easily added to drinks like coffee or apple cider, and provides all the benefits of collagen we love.

7. Lola's Apothecary

Handmade in micro batches in Devon, England, Lola's Apothecary makes it a breeze to give the gift of wellness. Their luxurious body care products harness the powers of aromatherapy and are made with the finest pure essential oil fragrances, are 100% natural, and are vegan-friendly.

Available in 6 luxurious fragrances with names like Tranquil Isle, Breath of Clarity, and Monsoon Paradise, Lola's Apothecary's Body & Massage Oil ($70.00-$80.00 or $40.00 for roll-on sizes) is another beautifully bottled product you'll never want to hide away in the bathroom cupboards. They're artfully hand blended with deeply healing rosehip CO2, Moroccan argan oil, and vitamin E, making them the perfect multifunction oil for not just the body but also for hair, nails, and even stretch marks.

Looking to splurge? The Queen of Roses Bath Milk ($125.00) from Lola's Apothecary is the must-have for elevating your bathing rituals. Inspired by Cleopatra's bathing decadence, this bath milk brings the spa home with its creamy buttermilk, shea butter and cocoa butter blend that renews you with blissful geranium, antioxidant-rich vanilla clouds, subtle hints of chocolate, and soothing yet lavish rose notes. You'll emerge with nourished velvety skin from this aromatherapy cloud.

8. HydraFacial

A revitalizing HydraFacial™ is the perfect way to instantly refresh your skin, and infuse it with medical-grade serums to give your skin the boost it deserves - with no downtime. The HydraFacial treatment works to improve the skin by using a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and rehydration to then utilize the HydraFacial's patented approach of infusing antioxidant and hydrating serums into the skin. This ultimately helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, dullness, dehydration, uneven skin tone, and oily skin; and when performed regularly, keeps your skin clear, healthy, bright, and glowing.

Our Economy+ HydraFacial ($195.00+) is a 30-minute treatment that includes a cleansing, exfoliation, and rehydration of the skin. If your giftee is a busy person on the go looking for a quick yet effective rejuvenation, the Economy HydraFacial will give them all the essentials in one quick lunchtime treatment.

Looking to splurge? For someone who perhaps deserves a little bit more, the Business Class HydraFacial ($299.00+) is a 60-minute treatment that includes a cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, antioxidant boost, and rehydration of the skin - great for somebody who has more targeted concerns and is looking for a next-level result. If you're ready to gift your loved one with the ultimate luxury treatment, the First Class HydraFacial ($449.00+) is our 80-minute treatment that offers the all-in-one First Class experience where we pull out all the stops! It includes all of the Business Class HydraFacial, plus a relaxing massage along with a take-home treatment to continue the glow at home.

*Treatments are purchased as a value on a gift card.

9. Biologique Recherche Facial

We mentioned Biologique Recherche earlier, but we love it so much we're recommending it again! The French brand's unique methodology and highly customized approach to treating the skin are the reason we are a perfect fit to bring their high-impact ethereal facials to our audience in Vancouver.

With our extensively Biologique Recherche-trained medical aestheticians, treatments using the brand's comprehensive range of premium skincare products combine the relaxation and rejuvenation of a spa facial, with the potency of a medical-grade skin treatment. Yes - Lotion P50T is included in each Biologique Recherche Healthy Skin Facial ($295.00+)! This 70-minute treatment is a custom facial designed by Biologique Recherche Laboratories that includes a cleansing massage of the face and neck, application of the renowned Lotion P50, a custom booster application, followed by the application of serums and creams expertly customized to each client's skin. Your giftee will leave with an instant red carpet glow and most importantly, a healthier epidermis.

Looking to splurge? The Biologique Recherche Seconde Peau Lifting and Rejuvenating Facial ($475.00+) is the utmost of opulence for a loved one who deserves the greatest pampering, but without compromising medical-grade capacity. Inspired by medical procedures used to treat severe burn patients, this facial is 90 minutes of a more advanced approach and includes the Seconde Peau treatment: an electrospun mask strip made up of 80% hyaluronic acid of medical origin. Its pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid is purer and 40x more concentrated than that found in traditional cosmetics. When we say high-impact, we mean high-impact.

*Treatments are purchased as a value on a gift card.

10. An 8 West Clinic Gift Card & Skin Consultation

This one is for that person who has everything. With an 8 West Clinic gift card, your giftee can use it towards any skin treatments, injectables treatments, or products they'd like! Because our list of services is so extensive and treatment plans can be customized to infinite permutations for all different skin types and concerns, we would pair the gift with a complimentary consultation to help your loved one get started on their skin journey with a professional assessment from one of our expert treatment providers.

Directed by leading Vancouver board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic is proud to be the home of facial and skin rejuvenation professionals who are at the top of their field, which includes our highly qualified doctors, medical aestheticians, and aesthetic nurses. Our medical specialists offer a comprehensive consultation to provide an individualized treatment plan that can include recommended treatments from chemical peels to laser resurfacing treatments to Botox or fillers.

A gift card is also a great option for going the smarter route - we keep all gift cards virtual in our clients' online files, which means no plastic waste and no worries about losing the gift card and its funds. The perfect no-fuss gift? The gift of great skin at 8 West Clinic!

*Points cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Treatments are purchased as a value on a gift card.

Save on Your Holiday Shopping with Loyalty Points!

Did you come across a helpful gift idea? Don't forget to take advantage of our Loyalty Program! You can use your Loyalty Points to pay up to 15% of any of the skincare and wellness products (with the exception of gift cards) in this list. Haven't begun earning points yet? What better time than now? If you make a holiday gifting purchase, you'll earn points that you can use to treat yourself in the future for your successful shopping run!

You can purchase your gifts by giving us a call at (604) 733-1669 to have a member of our patient care team assist you. We look forward to helping you with your holiday shopping!

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