April 22, 2017

Patient Story with BBL: Sarah Gets Rid of Her Acne

Broad Band Light: often known as IPL, BBL is an advanced technology in the laser spectrum that is comfortable and extremely effective in treating acne, sun damage, discolouration, and pigmentation. In addition, BBL also stimulates natural collagen production for younger looking skin and an improved skin texture.Acne is a common problem for individuals of all ages. Sarah, our patient in her early twenties, was suffering with acne throughoutschool, and it wasn't until she discovered our BBL treatment that she experienced a significant improvement in her skin. Suddenly her friends were noticing her glowing appearance – and she knew exactly where the improvement came from.Watch the video below to learn about Sarah's story along with other patients who have been wowed by the BBL treatment.Want glowing skin? Click here to book your free consultation for your BBL treatment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8west

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