January 12, 2017

Cosmetic Cashflow: Financing Options for Your Treatment

Angie Buonassisi
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You know what treatment you want to have done, and you've had your eyes on it for quite some time now. Perhaps an aspect that is holding you back from booking your appointment is the worry that you may not be able to afford it. But did you know that your treatment might be more affordable than you think? Here are several options for cosmetic surgery financing and how to budget for your non-surgical treatment at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Financing

If the lump sum cost of your treatment puts a lump in your throat, you may want to consider financing your non-surgical or surgical treatment. There are hundreds of companies that offer financing for surgery, but the one we work most closely with is Paybright.Paybright: Our patients often use Paybrightas their financing solution, and they have given us great feedback, saying that they are great to work with, have flexible payment plans, and can typically let you know if you qualify for financing within one day. Apply online now.

Other Options for Financing Your Treatment

If one of the above financing options seems too daunting a task to take on, there are other options for financing available, including:

  • Family loan: Ask a family member for an upfront loan and set out repayment terms, whether paying them all back at once down the road or making installment payments over a period of time.
  • Credit: We don't want to push credit payments too much because this form of financing can often be abused, but credit is an option that many of our patients choose. If you anticipate a promotion or a lump sum down the road but wish to have your treatment sooner, credit may be the ideal solution for you. Just be sure to check your credit card rates and always, always pay at least your minimum payment.
  • Pay in Installments: Another option you can work out directly with our clinic is to book your treatment in advance and pay us in installments until your treatment date. That way, by the time your treatment rolls around, it is already paid off and you don't have to worry about anything but yourself after you leave our clinic.

Don't allow financing worries to stand between you and your desired treatment. With these financing options available, you can start your transformation today. Click here to schedule your complimentary pre-consultation appointment.

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