January 1, 1970

Checklist 1: Complete our Rhinoplasty Self Assessment

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Checklist 1: Complete our Rhinoplasty Self Assessment

Thinking about making a change to the size or shape of your nose? You are not alone - annually XX statistic about how common rhinoplasty is.

While rhinoplasty is common, that doesn't mean you should make your decision without careful consideration. Making the decision to have cosmetic nasal surgery might be one of the most important decisions you make as an adult. If you are mature and healthy enough to do well with cosmetic surgery (not everyone is a good candidate for either physical or emotional reasons) and you employ some process and rigor when it comes to selecting a rhinoplasty specialist (this is not the time to settle for just any surgeon) - you are likely to be thrilled with your new nose. However, rhinoplasty surgery is without question one of the most complicated cosmetic surgeries to master - and when performed by the wrong surgeon on the wrong patient (someone who has unhealthy expectations for example) the results can be very unsatisfactory.

Sometimes the desire to change your appearance can be overwhelming and we can certainly appreciate that - we've all been there. But the team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery wants you to be well informed and to provide you with the tools you need to make a good decision. We want you to be an educated patient and have done the appropriate amount of soul searching BEFORE you decide to have rhinoplasty surgery.

That's why we developed the Rhinoplasty Self Assessment Framework - to give you a formalized tool for assessing a number of external and internal variables before you even get to the stage where you are having consultations - so that you can approach your research with a purpose and a process.

How did we develop this framework? Well, it took us over 10 years and required that we continually review our 1) consulting process and patient screening proces and 2) the satisfaction our patient's felt with their experience and their surgical result - �and boiled it down to a short list of internal and external variables that we'd like you to explore:

The Key Components of the Rhinoplasty Self Assessment Framework are:

  1. Are your rhinoplasty objectives & expectations reasonable?
  2. Are you physically healthy enough for rhinoplasty surgery?
  3. Are you emotionally healthy enough for surgery?
  4. Can you afford cosmetic surgery?
  5. Is this the right time in your life for surgery?
  6. Teens considering surgery: Should I have a rhinoplasty?
  7. Out of town patients: Is a Rhinoplasty in Vancouver Feasible?
  8. Are you well informed at this stage? What is the next stage?

�1.�Are Your Objectives & Expectations Reasonable?

�2.�Are You Physically Healthy Enough for Cosmetic Surgery?

�3. Are You�Emotionally Healthy Enough for Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Are You Responsible and Mature Enough for Rhinoplasty Surgery?
  • I Think I�m Depressed. Is Surgery a Good Idea? (coming soon)
  • Can I Have Rhinoplasty if I�m Taking Anti Depressants?(coming soon)
  • I Have a Serious Mood Disorder. Is Surgery a Good Idea?(coming soon)
  • Do I Have Body Dismorphic Disorder and Should I Have Rhinoplasty?(coming soon)

�4.�Can You Afford Surgery?

  • How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?(coming soon)
  • What Are the Direct and Indirect Costs of Rhinoplasty?(coming soon)
  • Why Does the Cost of Rhinoplasty Vary so Much?(coming soon)
  • Can I Finance My Procedure?(coming soon)
  • Should I Pay More to Have A Rhinoplasty Specialist Do My Surgery?(coming soon)
  • Should I Look for A Deal or Low for My Rhinoplasty (coming soon)

�5. Is This the Right Time in Your Life for Surgery?

�6. Supplementary Resources for Teens Considering Rhinoplasty

�7. Supplementary Resources for Out of Town Patients Considering Rhinoplasty Surgery in Vancouver

�8. Supplementary Resources for Brides Considering Surgery Before Their Wedding

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