Can a Hump Return After Rhinoplasty

Can a Hump Return After Rhinoplasty?

The question is can a hump that was reduced return after rhinoplasty surgery? The answer is that yes it probably can to a certain degree. In some cases, we see the patient develop a callous in the post operative period – this is really your bone’s reaction to the injury and what is does is it thickens. In some cases it may give the illusion that the hump is recurring. The hump does not appear to recur to its pre surgery size – it doesn’t completely recur, but sometimes there can be enough swelling and enough callous formation in the nasal bones that it does cause a slight irregularity to the bridge, and in these cases |we would want to do rhinoplasty revision surgery to correct the reformed hump. I recommend waiting 6 to 12 months after an initial surgery to make a revision of a hump. As often that callous formation or swelling that occurs may actually resolve on its own.

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