January 5, 2022

3 Things to Know About Computer Imaging

Mitchell Broom
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So, you're thinking that you want a nose job, aka Rhinoplasty surgery. Perhaps your dorsal hump is a bit larger than you would like, or your nose tip rotates up a bit too much. In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, Rhinoplasty surgery can perform miracles on the nose shape and deliver those dream results you've always wanted. But what if there was a way to see what you would look like with your dream nose? What if we could show you what you would look like before the surgeon ever touches your face? Well, there is - with Computer Imaging. This powerful tool helps surgeons, and patients, understand what their nose could look like with this confidence-boosting surgery. So let's dive right into what exactly Computer Imaging is, how it can help you set your expectations, and understand just how accurate the results can be.

What exactly is Computer Imaging?

Much like the name implies, Computer Imaging is a facial imaging software tool that enables your surgeon to visually replicate the results of Rhinoplasty surgery as closely as possible. At 8 West Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Clinic, upon your first in-person consultation with dual-board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, your Patient Care Manager will take a series of photos of your face. These will then be provided to Dr. Buonassisi to be fed into his Computer Imaging software. During your consultation with the surgeon, he will actively show you what can be done to achieve your results, and explain his surgical approach to how he will achieve this.

What is possibly even more valuable is that Dr. Buonassisi will also explain how specific changes to your nose may impact other parts of your face. As the nose is quite central to your face, and is connected to the cheeks and mouth, it's important to take into consideration how your specific results may fit in with your face structure as a whole. This is why Dr. Buonassisi is considered one of Canada's top Rhinoplasty surgeons. Beyond his 20+ years performing Rhinoplasty, he is also dual-board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery, meaning that he has an in-depth, thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and understands how it all worlds together, in the most subtle of ways. It's Dr. Buonassisi's gentle and conservative approach that truly makes him an artist when it comes to facial surgery, and he will use Computer Imaging to explain every detail of this process to you, and help you set your expectations.

Understanding Expectations

A very common myth with Rhinoplasty surgery is that everyone is a candidate, and that you can completely remodel your nose to any shape or size. This is (unfortunately) not possible, as the structure of the nose is quite complex, and everyone's face is different. Skin thickness, laxity and structure is completely unique to each individual, and these things are all taken into consideration for surgery, as well as when doing Computer Imaging. This is why the Computer Imaging process is such an important tool not just for the patient, but the surgeon as well. It allows the surgeon to get on the same page as their patient, understand what they wish their results to be, and to communicate what is possible. It's important to set expectations early, so you can proceed with your surgery with confidence and information.

At 8 West, while performing Computer Imaging, Dr. Buonassisi will look at the aesthetic of your nose, while taking into account the nose's 3 primary functions; smell, immunity, and breathing. He will then discuss your aesthetic goals, while using Computer Imaging to illustrate what can be done to achieve this, as closely as possible, and without jeopardizing any of these primary functions. The other key component that Computer Imaging demonstrates is how your new nose will look in relation to your entire face aesthetic. Some functions of the Computer Imaging software, combined with Dr. Buonassisi's knowledge of facial anatomy, allows him to visually explain how the other features of your face may look alongside your new nose. The goal is to provide you with results as close to your goals as possible, while ensuring the overall balance of your face remains. These are all good things to remember during this stage of the consultation, to ensure what the surgeon is able to perform meets your expectations, and that you are eager to proceed.

Image Accuracy & Surgery

Finally, and possibly the question your future Rhinoplasty-self is most anxious about, how accurate is the computer imaging? The short answer is; fairly accurate. Computer Imaging is a powerful tool where the surgeon can showcase the most accurate results possible for a profile and frontal view. An experienced surgeon, as mentioned, will also try and show - or at least explain - how the other features of your face may look post-Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty patient before surgery, with computer imaging, and after surgery:

While these images are very life-like, they are only the most accurate representation possible of the potential outcome. It is impossible to guarantee the exact result, as Computer Imaging isn't able to take into account the complexities of the nose, such as skin thickness, cartilage, bone, and so on. This is where the expertise of your surgeon comes into play, and they make an assessment based on their knowledge of nose and facial anatomy. What Computer Imaging does is primarily make a perfect communication tool for surgeon and patient. The most important thing to us at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Clinic is that the patient is moving forward informed, with confidence in Dr. Buonassisi, and with realistic expectations. Dr. Buonassisi is extremely honest, and conservative with his approach to surgery - so while Rhinoplasty is his area of expertise, he will not even close to hint at a result that isn't achievable.

If you wish to begin the process of undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery, 8 West offers complimentary pre-consultations with our award-winning Patient Care Managers. They will discuss all the elements of the surgery, including desired results, cost and timing, and request some photos from you. Dr. Buonassisi will then be able to perform an initial photo review (all free of charge) to ensure you are a candidate for surgery. From there, if you are a candidate, your Patient Care Manager will find a time and date for your in-person consultation with Dr. Buonassisi, for him to perform Computer Imaging and show you, for the first time, what your brand new nose may look like.

To speak with a Patient Care Manager, and start your Rhinoplasty journey, call us on (604) 733 1669 or complete this online form to receive a call back from a Patient Care Manager.

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