April 9, 2024

Teen Rhinoplasty

When the Rhinoplasty Patient is a Teen: Patient and Parental Requirements

As a rhinoplasty specialist with 20 years experience performing cosmetic nasal surgery, Dr. Buonassisi approaches teens requesting surgery with special consideration. When a young person has inherited nasal features that are dramatically obvious or out of balance, this can present some significant emotional difficulty. Some young people with prominent noses have experienced bullying, and some are simply self conscious of their nose and feel as though it is the first thing that people see when they walk into a room. Be sure to learn more about this procedure find our complete gallery or videos, before and after photos, articles and FAQ's on our main rhinoplasty page.While the thought of changing one's nose can be exciting, it is important to be extra careful when dealing with a young person who is considering cosmetic surgery.


Watch Dr. Buonassisi's Interview with CTV News About Teen Rhinoplasty

Dr. Buonassisi receives many requests each year from both parents and teens for rhinoplasty surgery. He requires the following:

  • parental consent for teens under the age of 18
  • parental participation: one or both parents attends the consultations and is engaged in the process
  • during the consultation, the patient demonstrates their understanding of the risks, benefits and limitations of the proposed surgery
  • during the consultation, the patient demonstrates that they are mature and responsible enough to plan for surgery and follow pre and post operative instructions
  • ultimately, it is the teen's desire to have surgery - not the parent's alone

If you are a teen considering surgery, or the parent of a teen considering surgery, we encourage you to contact our office at for a complementary pre-consultation. We have a lot of experience with young patients having surgery and can eliminate missed school days through planning and careful selection of surgery dates.

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