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About 8 West Cosmetic Surgery

Vancouver's Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Skin Clinic is led by top Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi and has a long history of creating satisfying outcomes for thousands of patients, over more than a decade of services. Our team of experts, including our plastic surgeons, registered nurses, medical aestheticians, and patient care managers are here to make your cosmetic procedure experience a great one.

  • Caring For You is Our #1 Priority
  • Voted Best Place for Cosmetic Surgery & Best Skincare Centre by the Georgia Straight
  • 20 Minutes from Vancouver International Airport
  • State of the Art Medical Facility in the Heart of the City

What Results Can I Get with Lip Filler?

Modern, Natural Lip Augmentation in Vancouver, BC

One of our most popular procedures, lip filler treatments are a quick and easy way to create shape, add volume, or restore hydration to thin lips, unshapely lips, or lips beginning to show the signs of aging. Many patients who have had this procedure done will agree that adding a little volume to their lips makes them look younger, feel more attractive, and improves the overall appearance of their face—while giving them a little boost in self-confidence.

At 8 West Clinic, each lip filler procedure is personalized to your unique concerns, objectives, and anatomy which are determined in an initial consultation. There is no single lip injection technique that can apply to everyone. Our extensively experienced injectables specialists are experts in working with numerous types of lip augmentation goals with varying complexity, all while maintaining a skilled eye for a modern-looking cosmetic enhancement that upholds your natural beauty.

  • Add Volume for Fuller Lips
  • Shape & Define  Lips
  • Give Lip Structure & Support
  • Hydrated & Youthful Lips

Meet the Specialists Behind the Needle

Experience with injectables matters. We’ve been performing treatments for over 20 years and continue to regularly perform dozens of cosmetic injectable treatments on a weekly basis for many happy and loyal patients. Our lip filler treatments are performed by skilled treatment providers with extensive experience and advanced specialist training in aesthetic injectables, handpicked with the highest of standards by board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. For the discerning patient who will only trust their face to the best of facial rejuvenation experts that possess a mastery of the face inside and out, 8 West Clinic is it. Lisa Roberge, RN, Jenn Sheaves, RN, and Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, MD were chosen to join the 8 West Clinic team to work alongside Dr. Buonassisi as some of the finest aesthetic injectors in Canada. Their skill is built from being some of the earliest aesthetic injectors in the country and having been exposed to the full evolving landscape of cosmetic injection techniques through the decades, as well as going on to continue staying on top of new advancements in the industry while also serving to train other professionals across the nation. The feeling of helping patients to find confidence in the skin they're in is what fuels their passion, which is why this is what they do full time—all day, each day of their one-of-a-kind career. Learn more about our treatment providers below.

Advanced Nurse Injector & Sclerotherapist
Nurse Director & Advanced Nurse Injector
Injectables Specialist (MD, CCFP, FCFP, DPD)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lip filler hurt?

A little! However, the vast majority of patients agree that the small degree of discomfort⁠—which is over in a matter of minutes⁠—is worth it. On top of their inherent compassion and constant mindfulness of each individual patient's experience, there are many things that the expert injectors at 8 West Clinic do to make you more comfortable, including:

  • Application of a topical anesthetic to numb the lips
  • The use of dermal filler products containing lidocaine for further local numbing in the treatment area
  • The use of vibration anesthesia devices during treatment
  • Providing ice before, during, and after treatment

Many patients have had multiple lip injection treatments without any anesthetic at all! Your preference will be discussed during the consultation.

What areas can be treated with lip filler?

The specific areas of your lips that are injected will depend on your consultation and objectives. Typical areas include: The Red (or Vermillion): Placing dermal filler into this area plumps it up, making it either project forwards more or increasing the vertical height of the lip. The Lip Margin (or Vermillion Border): For patients whose lip border is poorly defined, placing filler along the edges of the lips looks really lovely. The Cupid’s Bow: Filler can be used to accentuate or de-accentuate a cupid’s bow. Aging Areas: As we grow older, it's inevitable that we begin to lose volume in our perioral region. Dermal filler strategically placed in and around the lip area can be used to recreate shape and restore volume, giving structure and lift back to the lips in a natural manner.

Which lip filler products are the safest?

As you will learn in your consultation, some risks do come with any lip filler treatment, which is why safety is so crucial. There are a number of FDA-approved dermal fillers that have a long history of success and a high safety profile, and we utilize several types of these filler products specially designed for the lips when doing lip injections. They are all temporary products that are made of hyaluronic acid (a substance that is naturally-occurring in the body), as opposed to permanent and semi-permanent products that are irreversible. Your consultation will include a discussion of which product will work best for you and your objectives.

Who can administer lip filler?

Lip fillers are a medical procedure, and only physicians can have access to the safe, FDA-approved pharmaceutical dermal filler products. So, any medical professional doing your lip injections must be working under a doctor. On top of this, knowledge, experience, and specialization with injectable procedures matter. Be sure to not only confirm your treatment provider's qualifications, but also look for examples of their work in before and after photos, as well as reviews from other patients' experiences. Our treatments are executed only by qualified injectable specialists handpicked and led by Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. Our wonderful injectors carry over 20 years of extensive experience specializing in aesthetic injectables, and have performed thousands of lip filler procedures for a countless number of happy patients.

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