January 3, 2013

Why Do I Have Loose Skin Above My Eyes?

Why Do I Have Loose Skin Above My Eyes?

Extra skin in the upper lids is common and most of us develop some degree of skin laxity as we age. The tendency to develop extra upper eyelid skin can be influenced by genetics (if your mom has it, likely you will too) or simply be part of the natural aging process. Sun exposure in our younger years is a major contributor. The appearance of extra skin can sometimes be caused by drooping brows. Upper blepharoplasty on its own is sufficient in patients whose brow position is ideal. For patients with drooping brows, a browlift may be the best approach.

Not Sure What Procedure is Best for You?

A discussion with a patient care expert is a great place to start. We have extensive experience with eyelid surgery patients and can often help identify if you are a blepharoplasty or browlift candidate through a telephone conversions - often with the help of your photos. You are always welcome to book a consultation with Dr. Buonassisi.

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