February 23, 2017

Post Pregnancy Glow: The Best Non-Surgical Skincare Procedures After Pregnancy

It's normal to have a beautiful glow during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy is a great time to approach any skin concerns you may have. At 8 West Clinic, we offer an array of non-surgical skincare procedures that are perfect for restoring your glow after pregnancy, and with a team of specialists under the direction of facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Buonassisi, you can be sure that you will leave looking more glowing than before.

Non-Surgical Skincare Procedures After Pregnancy

BBL: Broad Band Light

A light-based laser skin resurfacing treatment called Broad Band Light, or simply BBL, is a wonderful, zero-downtime treatment to have after pregnancy that will boost your collagen product, and simultaneously, your post-pregnancy glow. Another wonderful aspect of BBL is that it can be tuned to the specific sensitivity of your skin, and it can also be applied to different areas, such as the neck and chest. Women often develop red spots called cherry angiomas after pregnancy, which are due to the rapid formation of new blood vessels. These are very effectively treated with the light energy of the BBL device.


A deep microdermabrasion may be the perfect solution to your after pregnancy-glow, particularly if you experienced sensitive skin during pregnancy and avoided mechanical or chemical exfoliation during as a result. This may have caused a build-up of the outermost layer of your skin, which should ideally be light and penetrable by your skincare products to reveal the most beautiful, youthful-looking skin. The microdermabrasion we offer at 8 West Cosmetic is a non-chemical, non-crystal exfoliation, making it extra safe for after pregnancy and gentler for sensitive skin.

Medical Grade Skincare

During pregnancy, you may have switched your skincare products to all-natural or gentler cleansers and moisturizers for safety purposes, and you may have noticed that your skin actually suffered as a result, albeit your pregnancy glow. After pregnancy is the perfect time to visit our skin specialists to get setup on a skincare program with medical grade skincare products, like ZO Skin Health, which will help you to restore your even skin tone, elastic skin texture, and overall glow.

Once you've decided on the skincare procedure you think is best for you, be sure to book your complimentary consultation to have a more in-depth discussion and analysis, ensuring your post-pregnancy skincare procedure will indeed provide the results you're looking for.

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