November 5, 2019

Lip Injection Myths: Harmful Fillers? Only for Getting Duck Lips? - Q&A WITH DR. BUONASSISI

dermal filler lip augmentation in Vancouver BCdermal filler lip augmentation in Vancouver BC

From internet memes to late night comedy, failed lip injections have found a place in pop culture. The procedure has become iconic – defining beauty trends of this era. Along with plenty of images of duck lips, there is also plenty of mis-information surrounding lip injections. At 8 West Clinic our standard of care is to cut through all of that, so you better understand procedures, how they work, what questions you should ask and ultimately have the information you need to make the most informed decision to look your best.Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and 8 West Clinic Founder dispels many of the common myths surrounding lip injections in this video, but there are also more to consider.

Myth #1 Lip injections Are All About Volume

“I am sure people have seen examples of this walking down the street or on the internet,” said Dr. Buonassisi. “There is a lot more to it. The shape of the lips is often in need of changing. And as we age the volume goes down and sometimes modification can really help without having really large lips.”Lip fillers are a great way to correct asymmetries and change the shape of the lip line. For people with fuller lips, these enhancements can help them reach their desired outcome.

Myth #2 I will End Up With Duck Lips

“I think experience is the biggest determinant of a good outcome with a great result,” said Dr. Buonassisi.An understanding of physiology and up-to-date training, coupled with skills and experience is most important when selecting your procedure and clinic.“Knowing how, where and which product to place is essential,” he said. “Our nurses are experts at choosing the right product and technique for each patient.”If a large increase in volume is desired, conducting a treatment in stages is the best way to have a natural looking outcome. The filler will settle over time, allowing follow-up treatments to add volume in just the right spots, without ‘duck lips.’

 Myth #3 It Makes Lips Lumpy

There are many types of dermal fillers available. If you are looking for volume in your cheeks that is a very different product than the appropriate filler for a lip, which should feel soft and natural.“These days dermal fillers are predominantly made with hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that occurs in our tissues, so it is tolerated very well by the body and it natural metabolizes slowly after the injection.” said Dr. Buonassisi.Advancements with hyaluronic acid also mean, that in the rare case you do not like the result, you aren’t stuck with the consequences for several years. There is an option to use an injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase which dissolves the filler immediately, he said.

Myth #4 Once You Start, There Is No Stopping

“There can be a concern that fillers stretch the skin and over time the lips will look flatter or deflated, but in actuality that isn't the case at all” said Dr. Buonassisi. “Using a hyaluronic acid has been shown to stimulate collagen production. After the body naturally metabolizes the filler, there is a layer of skin that can thicken resulting in a lip that is both fuller and firmer than before.”

Myth #5 My Smile Will Change 

There can be a change to your smile, but it all depends on your desired outcome.“A good lip augmentation is not one size fits all,” he said. “It’s about rejuvenating the peri-oral area and creating some balance. Our nurses are adept at identifying what can be improved. There are little things that can be done that really have a significant impact on the outcome above and beyond putting a lot of filler in there. I think experience is the biggest determinant of a good result.”Choices could involve using a small amount of Botox - not a filler or focusing on injecting filler in areas near the cheekbones. This will address smile lines by targeting the areas that are folding forward, and can leave your smile looking very natural, said Dr. Buonassisi.8 West Clinic will take the time to answer all your questions and find the solution for your concerns. With a procedure as common place as lip injections finding an experienced clinic with expert medical staff is the difference between enhanced natural beauty and a future meme. Prioritize yourself by choosing competence over convenience.If you are interesting in exploring your facial rejuvenation options, get the conversation started here.

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