January 3, 2013

Key Considerations for Asian Patients and Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Angie Buonassisi
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Key Considerations for Asian Patients and Augmentation RhinoplastyIn an earlier article, we discussed the importance of having experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty. The patient's ethic background helps to determine the quality and texture of their nasal anatomy - and the surgical plan selected by the surgeon needs to be customized for these features.Asian patients often request augmentation rhinoplasty and this is very popular at our Vancouver practice. Vancouver is home to one of the largest populations of Asians outside of Asia. Asian noses typically have a higher amount of soft tissue, creating a rounder and often broader appearance. The nasal bridge may be less prominent which can contribute to the sometimes flattened appearance. While Asian features can differ widely, many of my Asian rhinoplasty patients would like to achieve a more defined look to the bridge of the nose and add projection to the tip.While fine adjustments to the nostrils with an alar base reduction can be appropriate in some cases, in general adding a small facial implant to the bridge area or the tip of the nose will slightly lengthen and slim its shape in the way the majority of patients want. I have found that very precise adjustments to one or two areas of the nose can often yield results that are much more balanced, naturally and aesthetically.Getting Natural Looking Results for Asian PatientsThey key is to augment the nose in an appropriate way, without it looking substantially larger or more projected than what we typically see in nature. What I mean by this is that most Asian people are not born with very prominent bridges or projected tips. Therefore, an Asian rhinoplasty that creates a very prominent bridge and tip features won't look natural. We try to find a balance between achieving the degree of augment that is desired and possible with what will look natural.Around the world, a variety of materials have been used to augment the nose. Dr. Buonassisi will discuss safe implant options for you during your consultation.Related resources

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