April 9, 2013

A Dissolvable Stitch is Bugging Me After My Rhinoplasty. Can I Cut It?

Angie Buonassisi
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A Dissolvable Stitch is Bugging Me After My Rhinoplasty. Can I Cut It?

You may have a dissolvable stitch poking out. This is not dangerous but can be irritating. Internal rhinoplasty stitches are often used inside your nose during surgery. They dissolve roughly 10 days later - but sometimes not uniformly - meaning one might hang around a little longer and start to irritate you. You could notice a stitch up to 6 months after surgery. No, your surgeon did not forget that stitch in there by accident.If your stitch is bugging you, please call your surgeon's office and let them know. They should schedule you an appointment to have the suture trimmed. In the meantime, please do not pick or tug at it, as this may irritate you nose or cause an infection.I am Here to HelpPatients of Dr. Buonassisi's should not hesitate to contact their patient care manager if they have any questions about their recovery. We are here to help!

About Dr. Buonassisi

Entrusting a surgeon with a central feature of your face like your nose requires a great deal of understanding of their credentials, experience, and results of procedures they’ve performed in the past. As such, patients are encouraged to seek out experienced surgeons who have performed many cosmetic rhinoplasties over a long career. One of Canada’s top dual board-certified cosmetic facial surgeons, Dr. Thomas Buonassisileads the team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic and carries extensive experience, having performed thousands of cosmetic nasal surgeries for over 20 years.

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The first step in most patients’ rhinoplasty journey is to enhance their knowledge with the freeEssential Guide to Rhinoplasty eBook.At 8 West Clinic, we focus on honest patient education and a comprehensive approach. This is why Vancouver’s leading board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi has consolidated his 20+ years experience into the informative Essential Guide to Rhinoplasty. This eBook is an essential tool for anyone considering cosmetic nasal surgery.Download the free eBook for all you need to know about :

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