The Coveted Supra Tip Break. What Is It?

The Coveted Supra Tip Break. What Is It?

Rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi did computer imaging on this model to demonstrate the supra tip break – an elegant and attractive feature in a female rhinoplasty.

The supratip is often a coveted featured of a female rhinoplasty.

The area of the nasal bridge thats sits just above the nasal tip. In an ideal female nose the tip projects slightly further forward than this supratip area, creating a “break” in the nasal profile. This can make for a very feminine attractive profile. When possible, surgical creation of a “supratip break” in females is ideal in this feature is often requested.

Your rhinoplasty specialist will need to examine your nasal features carefully to determine if it is possible to create a suptra tip break and the surgical plan will be crafted accordingly.

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