Rhinoplasty Podcast with Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi

Rhinoplasty Podcast

Rhinoplasty Podcast

Dr. Buonassisi’s Podcast: The Reality of Rhinoplasty


Educated patients are happy patients, and that’s why Dr. Buonassisi and his team have created one of the most content rich rhinoplasty websites in Canada. In addition to this podcast, be sure to visit our main rhinoplasty page, watch our rhinoplasty videos and download a free copy of Dr. Buonassisi eBook, The Essential Guide to Rhinoplasty. This is a must read resource for anyone considering rhinoplasty. Dr. Buonassisi is a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in practice for 20 years. He has performed thousands of surgeries and has extensive experience with nearly every type of nose. He has mastered innumerable techniques for making suitable and natural changes to create a nose that is in harmony with his patient’s facial features.

Reality shows that make cosmetic surgery seem like a pass time for dysmorphic TV stars have got it all wrong. The vast majority of patients seeking rhinoplasty are regular people who want to make safe and subtle changes to their nose and get on with their lives. They want accurate information and a surgeon they can trust, from a true rhinoplasty specialist.

In this podcast, Dr. Buonassisi covers a range of topics from “should you?” (not everyone who wants cosmetic surgery has the right personality for it) to “how exactly?” (as in how exactly do you remove a dorsal hump) to “what looks good?” Please subscribe and check back regularly. Thanks for listening!