Parental Consent to Have Rhinoplasty, Permission for Rhinoplasty

Do I Need Parental Consent to Have Rhinoplasty?

Do I Need Parental Consent to Have Rhinoplasty?


Do I Need Parental Consent to Have Teen Rhinoplasty ?

Every practice has a different policy on parental consent. If you are the patient of another surgeon, please check with them.

I ask for parental consent (one parent is sufficient) from patients who are under the age of 18. Parents provide their consent by attending the consultation and showing their support for the procedure. For young patients 18 or older, parental consent is not required, however I will decline a young person’s request for me to do their rhinoplasty if I don’t believe that they are mature enough to accept and comprehend the risks and benefits of surgery. There are some special considerations that teen patients need to explore as they consider rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a big decision and the care and attention of a parent will be highly appreciated during your recovery period. Teens need to plan their surgery carefully to minimize time off school and studying  In addition to that, your parent have many years of life experience behind them and can be helpful in helping you identify and choose an expert for your procedure. It is to everyone’s advantage to have your parents involved and supportive.