December 28, 2012

Mini Lift (S Lift)

Mini Lift (S-Lift) Vancouver|
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Mini Lift (S Lift) - Mid Face & Lower Jawline Rejuvenation

We all want to look as good as good as we feel�vibrant, full of energy, and passionate about life, but it�s no secret that the signs of aging can dramatically diminish our confidence. Looking tired, puffy, or moody is no one�s preference, and we�re here to help you look fresh and rejuvenated.�

Meet Dr. Buonassisi

If you�re going to trust your face to someone, you want the assurance that your surgeon isn�t just good�they�re the best. Dr. Buonassisi is one of the country�s most elite facial plastic surgeons for many impressive reasons:

  • 20 years of experience performing facial plastic surgeries
  • 15 years of post-secondary education focused solely on face and neck plastic surgery
  • One of the few (less than 10%) of facial plastic surgeons in North America who is skilled enough to offer the Comprehensive Deep Plane Facelift
  • Thousands of successful surgeries performed with stellar results
  • 100% dedicated to a full-time presence at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic�
  • Dual Board-Certified

In the sections below, we�re going to dive into what the Mini Lift is all about and whether it�s right for you. It�s an excellent option for many patients, and so are our other types of facelifts, which include West Coast Ponytail Facelift �&Comprehensive Deep Plane Facelift.Our experienced Patient Care Managers are happy to discuss different options for you through a complimentary pre-consultation. Contact us at�604-243-3871 or online.

Why We Love Mini Lifts

The Mini Lift is a popular option for middle-aged patients who want to refresh their looks and reduce early signs of aging. These are our top reasons why a Mini Lift may be an ideal choice for you:

  1. Provides a refreshed, natural and youthful looking appearance
  2. Tightens lower face and provides a defined jawline
  3. Modest cheek rejuvenation
  4. Minimally invasive with short incisions providing a brief recovery period

What Is the Mini Lift?

Think of it as a quick pick-me-up. The Mini Lift is a modified/less-invasive (yet still permanent) type of facelift than some other surgical facial rejuvenation options. It treats moderate laxity and sagging in the mid face area and lower jawline by using the SMAS Plication technique.�Because it�s a less invasive procedure, there is less downtime and the recovery period is shorter than other types of facelifts. For the right patient, a Mini Lift is a great option for facial rejuvenation that makes you look youthful and refreshed.�

Who is the Mini Lift For?

Typical Mini Lift patients are in their mid 40s and are looking for a solution to address early-to-moderate signs of aging such as a soft jawline, dropping cheeks, deep creases around the nose and mouth.� The Mini Lift is an excellent surgical technique for patients who don�t yet need the complete results that a Comprehensive Deep Place Facelift provides.Patients who have tried fillers and aren�t seeing the desired results anymore can consider a Mini Lift as the next step in their facial rejuvenation plan.�

How the Mini Lift Facelift is Performed

The Mini Lift uses a SMAS plication technique, meaning Dr. Buonassisi will create a small incision in front of and behind the ear for access to the underlying facial structures. Dr. Buonassisi can then elevate the skin of the mid and lower face away from the underlying fat and muscle and lift it to a new position. He will trim excess skin and meticulously close the incision.�

Complementary Treatments to Enhance Your Mini Lift

A Mini Lift is a great way to lift and tighten the mid face, with minimal downtime, but many patients choose additional treatments to address other areas of the face and skin as well. Some of the most popular choices for complementary treatments for Mini Lifts include:


Device-Based Treatments


Healing-Enhancing Treatments

Take the next steps on your facelift journey and discover all of your surgical and non-surgical options by visiting 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic for your complimentary pre-consultation. Get in touch with our online contact form or call our clinic at 604-733-1669.

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