April 5, 2024

Social Media Dangers with Cosmetic Surgery

Social Media Dangers with Cosmetic Surgery

Are you bringing a Facetuned Instagram selfie into a rhinoplasty surgery consultation? Social media these days plays a major role not just in how we perceive things, but it can extend dangerously to our actions as well. Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Buonassisi discusses the very real concern of patients looking to rhinoplasty or other types of cosmetic surgery for purposes related to their values on their social media presence. While it's one thing to become influenced by a celebrity's professionally edited shots as you scroll down their feed, it's also a whole other thing to become motivated by the notion of looking perfect particularly for social media, with the idea taking precedence over your real life appearance. In the above video, Dr. Buonassisi talks about how this affects reasonable expectations and why this is so harmful as a patient seeking cosmetic surgery.

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