April 5, 2024

Introduction to Double Eyelid Surgery

Introduction to Double Eyelid SurgeryVideo transcript: I'm Dr. Thomas Buonassisi a facial plastic surgeon. I specialize in cosmetic surgery for the eyelids. In our Vancouver office it is very popular for patients to request double eyelid surgery.Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that is designed to create a natural and smooth crease in the upper eyelid. Some people have this naturally and others don't. Sometimes patients will have this crease intermittently. They will wake up in the morning, they have this crease and it seems to fade during the day.There are many non surgical techniques that patients use to create a crease and those include tapes and glues. Although those work quite well, they are temporary and can sometimes be tricky to apply, if not inconvenient.With double eyelid surgery, whether we are using a suture technique or an incisional technique, my objective is to create a natural looking crease that looks like what the patient might have been born with. In order to do this, it is important to consider the crease height and shape. Sometimes it's nice to see other family members in a patients family who perhaps has a crease or if a patient can show me the type of crease they like to make when they use tapes or glues.