April 5, 2024

Controlling Creases & Folds with Double Eyelid Surgery

Controlling Creases & Folds with Double Eyelid SurgeryVideo transcript: The ability to control the crease shape depends on the technique that's used. An incisional technique allows significantly more control over the crease height and the crease shape. So, for example if someone wanted specific fold then that can be created fairly predictably with an incisional technique. With the suture technique however, the skin is gently pinched together at one spot in the eyelid and then the fold is created outside of that spot, but not its not controlled in particularly, it basically forms where the eyelid wants to form a crease so there's less control over the actual shape of the crease with a suture technique.Most people will end up with an inside fold with the suture technique as that's often how the fold will form naturally. But it's possible to have an outside fold, its difficult to know in advance. They may get an outside fold on one side and an inside fold on the other and it's just not predictable.With an incisional technique you can specifically make an outside of inside fold.