Meet the 8 West team

We’re proud to be the home of facial rejuvenation professionals who are at the top of their field, and that includes our highly qualified team who treat injectables as both a science and a finely-tuned art form. Our medical aesthetic team pride themselves on being the best, as they continue to up-skill, and even train others at a national level for many of our brand partners.

Equally as important as their skills and experience, our team also develops long-term relationships with their patients, assessing their specific muscle movement and anatomy in preparation for treatment. This allows us to tailor your treatment plan to best achieve your individual facial aesthetic goals.

Our medical aestheticians and registered nurse injectors offer a comprehensive and complimentary consultation to discuss your desired results, and provide quotes on your treatment plan. You can also book time for optional treatment after your consultation, in case you just can’t wait for the results to start.


Why we love Lip Filler

One of our most popular treatments at 8 West, we love Lip Filler for the same reasons our patients do! The versatile nature of Dermal Fillers provides a number of benefits to augmenting your lips, such as:

  • A non-invasive procedure to plump and define lips
  • Instantly add volume and definition to your lips, with little downtime
  • Highly customizable treatment to perfectly balance your facial features

The Dermal Fillers used at 8 West are Hyaluronic Acid-based, a substance that is produced organically in your body, for luscious, plump, natural-looking lips.

Am I a Candidate? 

Lip fillers are great treatment options for anyone looking to add lip volume or definition. Lip injections are best-known for plumping the lips, but there are many other ways fillers can augment the lip area. Most common treatment areas:
Vermillion border (edge of the lip): Patients looking to accentuate the look of the lip without adding excessive volume, while creating beautiful and natural lips.
Cupid’s bow: Filler can be used to accentuate the cupid bow, or soften the shape, depending on your preference to enhance the look of the upper lip.
Lower lip: Typically slightly thicker than the upper lip, so it’s important for our aesthetic nurse injectors to inject the correct amount of filler to keep proportions natural looking.
Gummy smile: Greater upper-lip volume, often used together with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, may help disguise a gummy smile.
Enjoy one of our complimentary consultations to discuss your lip and aesthetic goals. Afterwards, you’ll come away with a comprehensive lip augmentation treatment plan that’s right for you, designed to meet your needs and create the look that you desire.

How is it performed? 

Our highly experienced Registered Aesthetic Nurse Injectors will ensure that you are informed on the treatment process, and that you are as comfortable as possible. Before your treatment you will have a topical ointment placed on your lips to aid in numbing them for a more comfortable treatment. Once your lips are sufficiently numb, your treatment provider will gently inject the Dermal Filler into key areas to achieve the desired results.
For more information book a complimentary consultation with our Registered Aesthetic Nurse Injectors.

How do Lip Fillers work?

At 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic, we use only the highest-grade Dermal Fillers for our Lip Filler treatments. Our fillers are FDA-approved and are the gold-standard in lip augmentation. Our dermal fillers are designed specifically for the lips and are made with hyaluronic acid—a substance naturally found in the body, which is a sugar that binds together water molecules. The Dermal Fillers also contain the local anaesthetic lidocaine to numb the area and make the treatments more comfortable.
Lip filler treatments are customizable, based on the results you want to see. Some patients want to add volume to thin lips, create shape and contour, increase the vertical height of the lip, accentuate or de-accentuate the cupid’s bow, or rejuvenate the area surrounding the lips.
We are extremely selective with our lip filler products, using only those that meet the highest standards set by the FDA and Health Canada. To learn more about the brands of dermal fillers we carry and hold advanced training in, visit our Dermal Filler Brands page.

What to expect

Lip augmentation typically lasts for 6 to 8 months, but varies from person-to-person, depending on how fast their body metabolizes the product. Immediately after treatments, you’ll notice the results right away. Post-treatment swelling and bruising may likely occur, and mean that your lips look larger than they will settle down to be. It takes about 2 to 4 weeks for the filler to settle in and fully integrate into the tissue to give you natural, plump lips.

Complementary Treatments

Patients who receive Lip Filler often enjoy the benefits that Dermal Fillers can provide in contouring and adding volume to other facial features. Other injectable treatments such as Wrinkle Relaxing Injections may enhance Lip Filler treatments, or can provide other smoothing and lifting benefits.
If you are wanting to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, we have multiple treatments such as Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser or Potenza RF Microneedling to boost your skin’s health, leading to brighter, tighter and clearer skin.


Learn more with a consultation

Our team of expert injectors would love to meet you and discuss your Lip Filler goals. Schedule a complimentary consultation today or call (604) 670-3968