May 14, 2024

Patient Story with Dermal Fillers: Amanda Achieves Brighter Eyes and Fuller Lips

Amanda was "tired of looking tired" and wished for a brighter-eyed look to carry her through her day“ even when waking up first thing in the morning!

While she was happy with her cupid's bow on her lips, she also desired a fuller look, which our register nurse injector helped her achieve. With just subtle changes achieved with lip injections and dermal fillers to her under eye area, Amanda left our office looking (and feeling) fresher than she had in a while.Watch Amanda's full story to hear about her wonderful experience at Fiore Skin Clinic with our injector Jillian, as well as what she did to prepare and how she felt about her results.Click here to book your consultation for dermal fillers and/or botox.

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