October 10, 2019

What's Trending: #ethnicrhino

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery in Vancouver BCEthnic Rhinoplasty Surgery

At 8 West Clinic we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery advances and trends while also following industry leading standards of practice. From time to time we will bring up to date with latest trends and treatments. We aim to share information you need to become better informed, to understand if procedures are a fleeting fad or new innovation, and to demystify buzzwords and best practices.

Trending Buzzword: #ethnicrhino

There has been a new term floating around social media in beauty and cosmetic surgery circles. Perhaps you've seen the hashtag #ethnicrhino popping up on Instagram. The term is a sign of diversifying ideals of beauty. As Western cultures become less dominated by Caucasian concepts of beauty, patients are requesting different outcomes. ''My goals have never changed. I always work with patients to create natural looking results, but those results will look very different on two different patients depending on their facial structure and anatomy,'' says Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and 8 West Clinic Founder. ''Prior to twenty years ago, procedures taught were more focused on one particular outcome and today we are embracing a more diverse view of beauty.'' The term #ethnicrhino can be used to bring attention to the trend of moving away from the Caucasian ideals and towards embracing the beauty of different ethnicities, he says.

Sometimes it's Technical

The term #ethnicrhino also has some other ideas associated with it. Sometimes it is used to highlight differences in procedures. ''A typical Caucasian rhinoplasty can involve reducing structures around the nose,'' says Dr. Buonassisi. ''We are seeing #ethnicrhino to highlight augmentation rhinoplasty procedures on Asian or African Canadian faces that build up the bridge of the nose.''

Words Matter

As a term like #ethnicrhino hits social media, it isn't necessarily one that should be adopted by the medical community. ''If a patient wants to label their procedure as an ethnicrhino, it can be an important part of their identity and their healing post-procedure,'' says Dr. Buonassisi. ''As I approach all patients with the same goal of subtle, natural results, I consider their ethnicity into that plan. I don't think of any procedure as an ''ethnicrhino'' I think of it as a rhinoplasty for my specific patient.'' It's our goal at 8 West Clinic to find the procedure to help you feel your best. We appreciate that #ethnicrhino is an empowering term to many, but we love that it is clear sign that beauty is much more diverse than the Western aesthetics that have dominated for decades.

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