January 1, 1970

Top 4 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments for Men

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When someone thinks of a person in Vancouver receiving cosmetic treatment such as Botox or Dermal Fillers, they likely picture a beautiful woman gracefully reclining in a clinic. While many of our patients certainly are beautiful women, it is a myth that women are the only ones who receive cosmetic surgery treatments. There are also many handsome men who frequent 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic in Vancouver. During your complimentary consultation we can show you before & after photos addressing a number of male concerns, such as wrinkles, lines, acne scars, jawline/chin definition and more. Over the past 10 years, we have noticed the popularity of cosmetic treatments has significantly increased in the male population. This observation is also mirrored in findings by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons where over 800,000 men received non-surgical cosmetic treatments in 2020 alone.There are a number of factors that suggest the increase, including a cultural shift in male beauty and encouraging men to take care of their appearance. But what exactly are men having done? How are men these days �looking after themselves� and what are the most popular treatments amongst men? Well, 8 West Clinic is happy to inform you of the top 4 non-surgical cosmetic treatments among men.

1. Botox

It shouldn�t be a huge surprise that this Wrinkle Relaxing Injection is considered to be the most popular treatment among men, as it is the most popular treatment across the board. This treatment is often used as an anti-aging treatment, to relax the muscles that form wrinkles. In addition, when administered by an expert injector, it can also be used strategically to provide a subtle, yet rejuvenating brow lift. Botox injections have also been shown to help people who have issues with hyperhidrosis (overproduction of sweat).We have two Registered Nurse Injectors at 8 West, who have over 20 years experience performing a number of injectable treatments such as Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, and Dermal Fillers, which brings us to our next treatment.

2. Dermal Fillers 

Dermal Fillers tend to be very popular in men who are wanting to create more definition in their jawbone, or have a stronger chin. Chin and Jaw filler can be very effective in creating this more sculpted, masculine look. It can also help to disguise a double chin or jowling, and balance out facial features. Dermal Fillers can also be used to create greater symmetry for specific areas, such as the cheeks, lips and under eyes. If there is a specific concern you have about your face and appearance, chances are that Dermal Fillers may be able to offer some form of solution. They are also safe, made from hyaluronic acid (which naturally occurs in the body), and aren�t permanent.While we understand some men are worried that Dermal Fillers may make them look like they �had work done�, but in the hands of a skilled injector, that can be made to look natural and subtle. This is actually one of our specialities.

3. Laser Skin Resurfacing

As we age, there are typically a number of clear signs that show this. Sun spots, sun damage, discolouration, vascular lesions, and loss of skin laxity are some examples of these signs. Laser Skin Resurfacing is a non-invasive range of treatments to address these signs. They use controlled light energy to target and penetrate specific areas and depths of the skin. Treatments such as Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser and ProFractional Laser work by removing the superficial layers of the skin, while simultaneously stimulating your body�s natural healing response. This leads to increased collagen and elastin production, which refreshes and revitalizes your skin.Our range of lasers, in the hands of our skin experts, can help treat many of the signs of aging and give you clearer, healthier looking skin.

4. Acne and Acne Scar Management Treatments

A condition that tends to affect men more severely than women is acne and acne scarring. We find a lot of teenagers or men in their early 20s are looking for acne treatment, while men older than 30 tend to be after treatment for acne scarring.For acne treatment, we have a number of options including Broadband Light and Potenza RF Microneedling that kills the bacteria that causes acne. Our medical aestheticians can also suggest a range of medical-grade skincare products from the industry leading SkinCeuticals and Zein Obagi Skin Health.For those who have acne scarring, many men often undergo ProFractional Laser Resurfacing to significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars. This works in a similar way to Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser, but allows for a deeper resurfacing to remove the damaged skin.

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Regardless of gender, we all want to look and feel our best, and sometimes an aesthetic treatment can aid in confidence and self-esteem. If you have specific skin or aesthetic concerns, take advantage of our free consultations with our Registered Aesthetic Nurses and Skin Aestheticians. They can design a bespoke treatment plan based on your concerns and unique skin and facial anatomy.To book your consultation, you can contact the clinic on (604) 733-1669 or complete this online form to receive a call back.

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