December 28, 2012

Suture Double Eyelid

Suture Double Eyelid

Dr. Buonassisi is an experienced double eyelid surgery specialist offering two techniques for his patients. The incisional technique is considered a long lasting surgery and has a longer recovery period, but more predictable results. The suture technique (also called DST) is considered a temporary surgery for some patients and has a much quicker recovery period that the incisional technique, but has less predictable results.

Watch this Video Documentary of Suture Patient Lexi.

About the Suture Technique

The crease is created using surgical thread that is carefully placed in the eyelid. The thread is inserted through tiny incisions that heal very quickly. The thread remains in the eyelid lastingly and compresses the eyelid skin to create a crease. Patients can return to work or school the day after surgery as long as they are comfortable with the possibility of mild bruising and swelling that subsided in a few days. While the suture technique is appealing because of it's shorter recovery time, there are some drawbacks that patients need to consider. Also, it not an ideal technique for patients who are older or who have thick skin.

Pros of the Suture Technique

  • quick recovery time - return to work or school the day after surgery
  • reversible - if the patient is not happy with the way the crease looks, threads can be removed

Cons of the Suture Technique

  • Dr. Buonassisi has little control over the height or shape of the crease - the crease forms where it wants to
  • possibility of crease asymmetry
  • possibility of the crease not forming well in one or both eyes
  • possibility of the crease falling out over time
  • not appropriate for patients who have extra skin in the eyelids - they are better candidates for incisional technique
  • not appropriate for patients who have thick skin or puffy upper eyelids - they are also better candidates for the incisional technique

Which Technique is Best for You?

Double eyelid surgery is a complicated procedure that should only be performed by an expert. Dr. Buonassisi will discuss the pros and cons of each technique during your consultation. He will assess your eyelid skin and help determine which technique would be ideal for you.

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