January 10, 2013

How Will My Surgeon Know What Looks Good With My Nose Job Surgery?

How Will My Surgeon Know What Looks Good With My Nose Job Surgery?

Trusting your nose to a cosmetic surgeon is no small matter. How can you be certain he or she has an eye for what will look good? By selecting a rhinoplasty specialist - a surgeon like Dr. Buonassisi who has spent years studying facial ideals and putting this knowledge into practice - you can feel sure you're putting your nose into capable hands. Here's why.

Top Training

Reconstructive surgeons who become nose job surgery specialists have taken on additional training (with an emphasis on facial and nasal surgery) following their surgical residency. A surgeon who holds a fellowship in facial plastic surgery, for example, has learned through hands-on experience how to get the best results for his or her patients.

Facial Ideals

Nose job surgery specialists spend years learning about facial ideals - and the precise techniques it takes to achieve them. As such, they know exactly what measures to take in order to achieve the best-looking rhinoplasty results.

Among the most important lessons regarding facial ideals:

  • Nasolabial angle: Nose job surgery specialists describe the angle between the upper lip and the nose, defining the difference between a ''turned up'' or ''droopy'' nose. Ideally, this angle should be between 90 and 120 degrees. If the tip of the nose is too upturned, you may look immature or ''untrustworthy.'' If the tip is too droopy, you may look grumpy - or even older than you actually are.
  • Columellar show: Describes, essentially, the amount of nostril that shows in profile. When viewed from the side, an ideal nose has no more than about 3 to 5 millimetres of the nostril showing. You can see an example here of a patient who had her hanging columella corrected as part of her rhinoplasty with Dr. Buonassisi.
  • Supratip break: Describes the difference between a nose that has a straight bridge on profile and one that shows a slight ''tilt'' or ''break'' in the area right before the tip begins to elevate. While a nice, smooth supratip break is one of the most elegant and desirable features of a natural-looking rhinoplasty for women, male patients will look more masculine with a straight nasal line. You can see what a supra tip break looks like in this infographic.

Good Talk

What will look good on you is determined through an open discussion with your nose job surgery specialist that involves you discussing your objectives and your surgeon explaining what is possible. During your consultation, an experienced nose job surgery specialist will make suggestions for subtle changes that can give you a result that's even better than what you were originally hoping for!

Remember, the key to being pleased with your nose job surgery results lies in choosing a nose job surgery specialist who is an expert, who can assess your face as a whole during the consultation and recommend the right techniques for making safe and successful changes. Call 8 West Cosmetic Surgery today to book your consultation with rhinoplasty expert Dr. Buonassisi.

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