May 2, 2013

How Do I Get My Rhinoplasty Prescriptions

How Do I Get My Rhinoplasty Prescriptions

The specific prescriptions that will be written for you depend on your medical history discussion with Dr. Buonassisi during your consultation. Once your surgery has been booked, your patient care manager will work for you to arrange your prescriptions. Generally speaking, you will be given the option of 1) picking up a paper format of your prescription at our office, which you will then take to your pharmacist or 2) having your patient care manager call your prescription in to the pharmacy of your choice.

If your surgery is less than 1 week away and you do not have your prescriptions or aren't sure where to pick them up, please contact your patient care manager. It is best to fill your prescriptions (pick them up at the pharmacy) roughly a week before your surgery so that you have them available at least the day before surgery. This will give you time to read the pharmacist's usage instructions and familiarize yourself with how to take your prescriptions properly.

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