August 4, 2016

Browlift: How Do The Brows Age?

Browlift patient before and after with Dr. Buonassisi.

The question is how do you address aging brows and how do you know if you are a candidate for a browlift? The brow position can change when it comes to aging, and there are different approaches to addressing aging brows with a browlift procedure.

To understand the process of a browlift, it is essential to first understand how the brows change as we age, which is what we are discussing with Dr. Buonassisi in the video below. 

How do the brows age? 

As we age, the brows can sink lower, lose their shape, and create crowding around the eyes with an appearance of loose, sagging skin around the eyes that can sometimes create a more closed appearance. Sometimes this can even result in issues with vision, causing a restriction to peripheral vision.

Depending on whether you are a male or female, the ideal eyebrow shape can be achieved with a browlift, which is a common procedure that corrects age-related changes to the brows and brow shape.

Achieving the Ideal Brow Shape

Also known as a blepharoplasty, a browlift allows Dr. Buonassisi to change the shape of the brows and create a more youthful looking appearance. The most important part of a browlift is to achieve an ideal brow shape. In female patients, the ideal eyebrow shape peaks above the outer corner of the eye. In men, generally speaking, the eyebrows should be relatively low and straight. 

Are you interested in having a browlift? Watch the video with Dr. Buonassisi below, and click here to book your complimentary consultation to discover whether you are a candidate.

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