April 5, 2024

Brow Lift Surgery Approaches

Brow Lift Surgery ApproachesThere are several different approaches to the eyebrow. Direct, mid forehead, and endoscopic browlifts. There are various other versions of this as well, but those are the main ones. Essentially, the incisions that are placed to elevate the eyebrow are either very close to the eyebrow or far away from the eyebrow where they are hidden in the hair.How Do They Differ?The direct approach requires a small incision right in the eyebrow tissue itself. The mid forehead approach uses a forehead wrinkle or a skin crease that is pre-existing to gain access to the eyebrow. And the endoscopic approach is done through an incision in the hairline.There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these approaches. Generally speaking, the incisions that are made right in the eyebrow are the most visible. This approach however, does allow for significant elevation of a very depressed or ptotic eyebrow. A mid forehead incision that can be created in the forehead wrinkle often results in an invisible scar that still allows for substantial elevation of the eyebrow. The endoscopic approach is done with incisions through the hairline, assuming that the patient does have a hairline. So often in men that are balding, there's no particular advantage to placing the incision high up in the forehead if they don't have hair. In women, that incision is camouflaged so that it can't be seen at all. The disadvantage of course, is those incisions are very far away from the brow itself, which is needed to be elevated. And often the amount of elevation that can be achieved with a endoscopic eyebrow lift is modest.Find The Brow Lift That's Right For You