April 5, 2024

Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Rhinoplasty

With rhinoplasty surgery comes a Risk Reward Curve. In the above video, Board Certified rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi explains how the risks of rhinoplasty can outweigh the benefits of the end results and vice versa. As well, he discusses how this all impacts your surgeon's assessment of you being considered a candidate for surgery in the consultation process.

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Before we continue on with Dr. Buonassisi about the Risk Reward Curve and surgery candidacy, we would like to mention that at 8 West Clinic, we believe at the forefront that educated patients are happy patients, and this is why Dr. Buonassisi has compiled his 20 years experience performing rhinoplasty into a must read eBook. This is an essential tool for anyone considering cosmetic nasal surgery. Download your free copy now.Have questions? Our team of experts is here to help. Speak to one of our patient care managers today by calling (604) 733-1669 or contact us here.

Understanding the Risk Reward Curve with Rhinoplasty

The balance of risk and reward with a rhinoplasty surgery are very important for both the patient and surgeon to consider. For example, in patients who have a very significant deformity or irregularity of the nose, the benefits can be substantial and they far outweigh the small risks involved with rhinoplasty. But there are patients who have very small or subtle changes that they want to make. Subtle changes are very reasonable requests, but it's always important to weigh the benefits versus the risks before going through with a surgery—and I think a frank and honest discussion preoperative really solves that issue.

Is It Worth the Risk for You to Have Surgery?

Serious medical complications from rhinoplasty surgery are extremely rare—but cosmetic complications are more common. In the hands of a rhinoplasty specialist, you are likely to be very happy with your results. It is your surgeon's responsibility to explain the risks and benefits specific to your nose and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about surgery. You can get in touch with us to submit your photos for a complementary photo assessment or schedule a consultation today by calling the clinic at (604) 733-1669.