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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Vancouver

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Vancouver: Add Dimension & Definition to the Bridge & Tip Area of the Nose


For the right patient, Vancouver Board Certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi will say that a non surgical nose job can work wonderfully in creating a more defined nose and a better facial balance. This procedure is common with qualified patients who may genetically have smaller noses and would like a more prominent bridge or tip area without having to opt for a surgical solution. It is also performed on patients who have small depressions on the side profile view that can be filled—in the case of camouflaging a hump, for instance, by adding volume around the radix, or the top of the nose bridge. Unfortunately, this treatment will not be appropriate for patients who would like to have their nose (bridge or tip) made smaller or more refined. These patients will benefit, rather, from rhinoplasty surgery.

Non surgical rhinoplasty is performed on qualified candidates using FDA-approved dermal filler products made of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid gel, which is strategically injected along the nose bridge. With years of extensive experience specializing in medical aesthetic procedures, 8 West Clinic’s Vancouver advanced nurse injectors are skilled in injectable facial enhancement techniques using dermal fillers. Our non surgical rhinoplasty specialist, Jenn Sheaves, RN, was chosen to join the 8 West Clinic team to work alongside Dr. Buonassisi as one of the finest aesthetic injectors in Canada. Her skill is built from having been exposed to the full evolving landscape of medical aesthetic injectable techniques through the decades, as well as going on to continue staying on top of new advancements in the industry while also serving to train other nurses across the nation. She is an expert in working with a variety of complex facial enhancement goals, all while maintaining a skillfully artistic eye for a modern-looking, natural non surgical rhinoplasty result.


Is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Safe?


The nose is an extremely risky area to treat, and it goes without saying that any non surgical rhinoplasty procedure is only safe in the right hands—cosmetic injections are first and foremost a medical procedure. When it comes to the nose, it is of utmost importance to recognize that experience with injectables matters. We’ve been performing treatments for over 20 years and continue to regularly perform injectable rhinoplasties with passion for a countless number of thrilled loyal patients. Our talented nurse injector Jenn Sheaves carries extensive experience and advanced specialist training in aesthetic injectables, handpicked with the highest of standards by rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Buonassisi. Your treatment with Jenn will only involve the use of top-tier, FDA-approved dermal filler products with the highest safety profiles, and are chosen in an individualized manner that is specific to each patient and their particular objectives. While complications are rare, they cannot ever be discounted, and our medical clinic commits to providing the peace of mind of a safe, high-standard and highly skilled practice for your non surgical rhinoplasty.


What is the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatment Like? 


Your experience begins with an individualized consultation directly with your treatment provider to discuss your concerns and objectives with your nose and the treatment. After your agreed upon treatment plan has been designed, the treatment can then be performed. Your nurse injector gently makes several small, strategically placed injections under the skin along the nose to carefully sculpt the treatment areas, which is only a minor discomfort. Today’s dermal filler products widely contain lidocaine (a local anesthetic), which will numb your nose slightly for the duration of the treatment and make the injections tolerable. After the treatment, results are seen immediately and any effects—if any—such as swelling, redness or bruising are minor and normal occurrences. These side effects subside largely within the next day, and downtime is essentially zero.


How Long Does a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?


The hyaluronic acid gel that the filler is made out of is naturally occurring in your body and will eventually be absorbed over time. If you would like to maintain the result of your treatment, you will repeat it approximately every 12 months. Your treatment provider will help select the best dermal filler product that will be right for you.


Does it Work for All Patients?


Unfortunately, no. The idea of a non surgical solution is appealing, but in reality, this procedure is ideal for only certain patients.

Ideal for:

  • Patients desiring a higher or more prominent bridge or tip area
  • Patients who have small abnormalities (for example a small depression) that can be corrected by filling them with filler
  • Patients who have a minor hump on profile view that can be camouflaged.

Not ideal for:

  • Patients who have a more significant hump and would not benefit from volume added to the nose
  • Patients who have a bulbous tip
  • Patients whose objectives can only achieved with surgery – generally speaking if you would like your nose to be made smaller, slimmer or to change the profile view of a nose that has a significant hump or drooping tip, filler won’t work for you.


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