July 15, 2021

The Needle or the Knife. Can you get a nose job without surgery?

It’s no secret that 8 West Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Clinic is well known for Dr. Thomas Buonassisi and his expertise on Rhinoplasty Surgery. Dr. Buonassisi performed over 200 Rhinoplasty surgeries last year alone, and has had over 20 years experience with facial cosmetic surgery, so I think it’s safe to say that “we know noses”.There are dozens of different reasons why a person may choose to have Rhinoplasty surgery, but most of them come back to a general confidence of how someone feels their nose compliments the other features of their face. There is also the common myth that the nose can be reshaped and remade into any shape, but as with any cosmetic surgery, there are limitations that need to be considered.When it comes to the nose, there is a non-surgical option also available to the ideal candidate; Dermal Filler. Often referred to as the non-surgical rhinoplasty, or a “Liquid Nose Job,” Dermal Filler can be used to create subtle results, which may actually be the perfect option for you.No matter how subtle or substantial the change to your nose that you desire, an honest, realistic approach is always the best way forward with any procedure that changes your appearance. That is why having both surgical and non-surgical options available to you, all in the same clinic, can place you in the best position to move forward with confidence. So let’s poke our noses into the world of Rhinoplasty, and talk about the benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Dermal Filler.

Surgical Rhinoplasty Benefits

Possibly one of the most common and well known cosmetic surgery procedures out there; the Nose Job aka. Rhinoplasty. The word ‘Rhinoplasty’ actually comes from the Greek words rhīnoplastia; “rhīno-” meaning “nose” and “-plastia”, from plastos, meaning "molded” or “formed”. While a Rhinoplasty can be performed a number of different ways, it is essentially the changing of a person’s nose by manipulating the existing cartilage and bone that makes up the structure of the nose.The benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery are extensive, and while some people in the world may never think to have a Rhinoplasty, it is ultimately a very personal choice that may help boost a person’s self-confidence and self-assurance. A person researching Rhinoplasty may be wanting to balance a crooked nose, to reshape the tip, or for others it may be wanting to contour their nose to better compliment the proportions of their face. The reasons are as numerous and unique as our patients are, and we treat each one with respect, dignity and understanding.[ngg src="galleries" ids="361" display="basic_imagebrowser"]However you feel about your nose, it is an incredibly important part of your body. The nose is responsible for 3 critical functions; breathing, immunity and your sense of smell. This is why it is imperative to find a surgeon that has extensive experience with the nose, both functionally and cosmetically. Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, being an ENT (also known as an Otorhinolaryngologist) and dual-board facial plastic surgeon, understands how delicate and highly sensitive the nose is. It is what makes him not just an artist when it comes to Rhinoplasty and facial cosmetic surgery, but also a top-notch nose surgeon.

Nose Filler Benefits

Now that we have talked all about surgery, this now leaves another question; “can you change your nose without surgery?”With the right specialist, and the right candidate, Dermal Filler is a temporary, non-surgical treatment that may be the ideal treatment for you. That's right, it’s time to talk all about the Liquid Nose Job, a treatment that is ideal for those who want to subtly reshape or balance the nose. A good candidate will see results in that it can improve symmetry, contour the nose, disguise small bumps or indents, and raise a flat nose.Here are some quick fun facts about a Dermal Filler nose job::

  • The procedure is quick—it only takes about 30 minutes out of your busy day
  • It can be used to disguise small divots or bumps in the nose
  • In cases when it is ideal to create a more symmetrical nose, this can help to blend, contour and balance the face for a well-proportioned look
  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure with no down time (perhaps mild swelling or bruising)
  • You can see the results right away

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, performed with Dermal Filler

The “liquid nose job” technically adds to the nose, and while it can make it appear more subtle, it cannot achieve every desired result. This non-surgical option is also only a temporary change to the look and shape of your nose, but can still last up to 2 years (sometimes longer), depending on the product used and how your body metabolizes it .All Dermal Fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body. The specific filler that is typically used for liquid nose jobs is meant to simulate bone and cartilage, so it is a denser type of filler which usually lasts longer than the type of filler used in lips or cheeks.

Which is best for me

There certainly are benefits to surgical Rhinoplasty, and Dermal Filler, but one does not outweigh the other, nor should either be used as an alternative to the other - just as each nose is unique, so are a patient's desired results and the path to get there.At 8 West Clinic, Dr. Buonassisi has hand-picked a team that specializes in Dermal Fillers and surgical Rhinoplasty. Together, they ensure that all 8 West patients who walk into our clinic have every piece of the information available to them, so they can make a confident decision about their nose that will not just meet their aesthetic desires, but also to put them in the most comfortable position to move forward with the procedure.The main takeaway that we wish to leave all of our patients with when they finish a consultation is that, when it comes to cosmetic surgery and aesthetics, it is always good to be armed with two things; information and options. We want our patients, for both surgery and medical aesthetics, to feel empowered to make the decision that is not only the right one for them, but the one they are most confident and most happy with.







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If you are thinking about a Rhinoplasty, we have a pre-consult service with our Patient Care Managers. They will discuss the procedure in detail, and take you through the options and talk about your desired results. They will also request photos from you, in which they will share with Dr. Buonassisi and team to perform a photo review regarding what is possible. If you are interested in learning more about Dermal Fillers for the nose, and other areas, and wish to speak with a Patient Care Manager, you are welcome to call (604) 733-1669 or complete this form to request a callback. 

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