Direct Incision Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Direct Incision Eyebrow Lift

Direct Incision Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Direct brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure to reposition the brows to a natural looking, higher position. The term DIRECT refers to the way Dr. Buonassisi accesses the underlying brow structures and involves fine incisions made just above either eyebrow, in the forehead area. The incisions are carefully placed inside the patient’s natural facial creases, and they fade over time.  This procedure allows for a direct and significant lifting of the eyebrows, and is ideal for patients who can tolerate scars. The scars fade over time and often become imperceptible.

This video explains eyebrow lift surgery.

Another approach for lifting the brows is the minimal incision which involves incisions placed laterally to the brows, in the hairline. This approach is considered minimal since the incisions made are much smaller than with a traditional coronary scar brow lift. Less lifting of the brows in comparison with the direct approach is sometimes the case, however patients who can not tolerate scars in the forehead will prefer this approach. For those who only need a mild to moderate lift, the “scarless” endoscopic brow lift approach may also be an option.

How the Eyebrow Lift Procedure Is Performed

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Buonassisi makes small incisions just above the lateral eyebrows. He carefully places the incisions in the patient’s natural forehead creases. The incisions are closed with very fine stitches that are removed one week later. This surgery is ideal for patients who require a noticeable lift in their brows, and who can tolerate incisions in the forehead. Dr. Buonassisi hides the incisions in the natural forehead creases, and over time they often become imperceptible.

Benefits of the Eyebrow Surgery

  • In women, a more attractive arched brow shape
  • More open, alert eyes
  • Less redundant upper eyelid skin
  • Improve angry or tired appearance