January 18, 2017

Metagenics Clear Change Challenge - Day 9

Checking in with Katie on Day 9 of the Metagenics Clear Change Cleanse, it's obvious that her energy levels and moods are both very high, and her excitement for almost having completed the 10 day program is evident. Read on to hear about her progress so far and watch the live show from yesterday at 8 West Cosmetic.

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1. How are you feeling today?

Katie: Feeling good! Friday - Sunday was the hardest days, cutting out a lot of things. Pear and apple, kale chips, broccoli, cauliflour. Cancelled all social activity; hunkered down and stayed home with the cat. Slept and chilled out. Went out for walks, but haven't started any heavy fitness. Wanted to wait for more energy.

2. What have been your best results?

Katie: Higher energy, sleeping better, new mattress. Vivid dreams. Clarity. Digestion is awesome. Don't usually have a problem, but so much calmer. Still a little bit edgy yesterday, quite busy with the phone, not the same kind of patience. Lack of coffee, no stimulation that can take you until 12.

What I miss the most: crunch. Rice crackers. Potato crackers, I'm a very savoury person. Raw crackers, with seeds.

3. What are you most looking forward to, starting tomorrow?

Katie: I'm not sure; this morning I thought coffee, but now I'm having this fabulous tea. Craving the comfort of the coffee on a rainy day. The relaxation with a potential cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Wasn't digging the fish, stuck to mostly vegetarian. Looking forward to going back to the gym.

4. What have you learned about yourself during this process?

Katie: I learned that I need to do the same cleanse 2-4 times per year. Because it really gets you back on track, gets you to check in with what's going on with your health. It's easy to mask when you are addicted to coffee or you've created a habit of things that you do and how you are around food and when you have to break those habits, you then actually get an opportunity to feel really truly clean again, healthy light and clear.

metagenics clear change cleanse

5. Would you do the cleanse again?

Katie: Yes!

6. Of the entire cleanse, what was the most challenging part for you?

Katie: I've enjoyed not going out as much to eat, budget went way down. Wine Wednesdays, usually a thing with me and my friends.

7. Are there any components of the cleanse that you plan on making a consistent part of your daily routine?

Katie: I'm probably going to stick to my shakes. I'm going to be doing the body transformation, ultra meal, so just adding in protein drink everyday. I'll either do it in the morning before or after the gym, or I'll make it my afternoon snack.

8. What is your best suggestion for first-timers of this cleanse?

Katie: Follow the program, the recommended food choices, and look at what you're permitted in the days. Cause if you just follow the sample menu plan, you probably won't be eating what you want. There's so much more you can do; be more prepared and more creative. Creativity. It's basically a vegan program with some fish.

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