January 17, 2017

Metagenics Clear Change Challenge - Day 8

We checked in with Suzanne and Alex on day 8 of the Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Cleanse, which happened to be a Monday morning, and - nearing the end of the cleanse - we had some uplifting answers from them. Continue reading for the Q&A session at 8 West Cosmetic during our team cleanse challenge, and see how you can join us with a special promotion as well.

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How Are You Feeling Today?

Suzanne: Pretty good. I went back into the gym this morning and I'm sleeping well. I've been really tired, but I think I'm still getting over my jet lag. My Friday and Saturday energy levels were good, but halfway through the day I crashed.

Alex: I'm really tired; I had such a busy weekend and a lot of work!

How was the Weekend? Did You Cheat?

Suzanne: I went to a film on Saturday night and took it easy. I was tempted and I ended up having a Starbucks coffee on Saturday. I didn't really enjoy it. I realized how strong it was - wow! It disturbed my stomach, and I felt myself crash afterwards.

Alex: I was doing a bridal show over the weekend in Victoria. It was hard fitting in the shakes! I woke up at 6am, had a shake, and then went into hair and makeup all morning. It was hard going out for dinner with friends and not cheating - but I made it!

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How Are Your Caffeine/Sugar Withdrawals?

Suzanne: They're over for the most part. I don't have any sugar cravings; I'm craving salad now.

Alex: Pretty good. I haven't had any caffeine over the weekend even though it was tempting. Decaf herbal tea woke me up a bit.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Are Your Current Energy Levels?

Suzanne: Pretty high - I'd say about an 8.

Alex: Higher than when we first started the cleanse. I'd say about a 7, but I haven't had my first shake yet. That tends to boost my energy.

Has Your Cleanse Seemed to Improve Any Other Aspects of Your Life Thus Far?

Suzanne: Sleeping and my mood. It has also improved my skin and cellulite. I'm feeling less bloated. And, not needing to rely on coffee anymore, I feel such a level of calm energy.

Alex: My boyfriend has seen how energetic and happy I've been without coffee; this has influenced him positively, helping to put everything into perspective and just seeing how addicted I was to sugar, carbs, and caffeine.

metagenics clear change cleanse

What Has Been the Biggest Challenge On Your Cleanse Thus Far?

Suzanne: Not being able to eat certain things; not being able to have coffee.

Alex: Spending the weekend with friends who are indulging and not doing the same.

Which Has Been the Most Challenging Day so Far and Why?

Suzanne: Day 3. After the live show I started crashing towards the end of the day. That night was really bad, I was really tired and fell asleep at 8pm. Day 4 was also really tough. Feeling low, lethargic, low mood, and vivid dreaming.

Alex: Day 7. It was so busy for me that it was hard to fit in any meals let alone a shake. I found myself craving those sugary carbs.

What is the Most Positive Thing that has come from your Cleanse Experience so Far?

Suzanne: How we've all come together as a team, the positive energy as a team, and the sense of unity in the office has been amazing. My energy and mood levels are now so even-keel, having cut out the sugar and caffeine cycle.

Alex: It has snapped me out of the routine of get up, don't eat anything, get here, find somewhere that has coffee and croissants - and relying on that for my breakfast. Now I take the extra step to think about what I'm going to eat for breakfast.

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