January 10, 2017

Metagenics Clear Change Challenge Day 1

Day 1 arrived yesterday for the Metagenics Clear Change Challenge, which the entire team at 8 West Cosmetic Surgery is undertaking - including Dr. Thomas Buonassisi and we are off to a wonderful change for 2017.

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The Unanimous "Why" for Cleansing

We sat down with each of our team members yesterday, during the challenging Day 1 of their cleanse journey, to better understand the "why" behind their choice to detoxify. While three of our team members underwent the Metagenics 10 Day Program earlier last year, others had never done a cleanse before or had only ever experienced juice cleanses in the past.

Yet, each and every one of our team members answered the "why" question with a response that is unanimous across the board: to kickstart 2017 with a more motivated, healthier, and energetic energy.

Holiday Indulgence Levels

To get a really comprehensive idea of where our team was at for a starting point, we wanted to understand what their indulgence was like over the holidays. This was another unanimous response, whereas each of our team members indulged in some form or another - whether sweets, sodium, alcohol, or more caffeine - over the holiday season. Suzanne, our skincare specialist, visited family in Ireland over the holidays where alcohol, fried food, and late nights were in frequent celebratory order.

As a result, most of our team members reported feeling bloated, sluggish, dependent on caffeine, and in the need of a "jumpstart," all symptoms that signify the need for a cleanse.

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Results of BIA Testing

BIA testing, which is currently being offered for free to you with the purchase of a cleanse kit, involves the attachment of tiny electrodes to different areas of your body, letting you know which areas need the most work. The results of your BIA testing may be surprising to you, and may actually prove that you do indeed need a cleanse.

Natasha's BIA testing, for example, revealed that she isn't drinking nearly enough water. Now realizing that her cells are dehydrated, this has become a big part of Natasha's "why" when undertaking this cleanse: to increase her water intake and get herself properly hydrated.

Preparing Yourself for a Body Transformation

Many of you have already set out your fitness and health goals for 2017, and you may be ramping up for a total body transformation. If you are like our in-house ROHP, Katie, then you may take extra measure to "clean up the garden" before undergoing this body transformation.

While she declares that it's about "lean body mass" and not about just losing weight, but about shifting weight, Katie says a detoxing cleanse like Metagenics 10 Day Program is the healthiest way to prepare your body for a transformation. This creates a cleaner pathway for your organs and metabolic function, and makes your transformation much easier.

Day 1 Energy Levels and Biggest Challenges

The hardest part of the first day of the cleanse for almost all of our team members? The missed cup of coffee that morning. For some of our members, it was

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the caffeine addiction itself that presented the challenge, but for many of our members it actually had more to do with the routine of waking up, putting on the kettle, and having a warm cup of coffee on their way to the clinic.

For Day 1 energy levels on a scale of one to ten, our team ranged from a 3 (on the low-end) to a 7 (on the high end). Most of our members were experiencing moderate energy levels around a 5 or 6.

Join us on our Cleanse Journey

We want you to join us on this detoxifying journey; we are currently offering free BIA testing with our ROHP, Katie, as well as 15% off your own cleanse kit.

Watch our live show from Day 1 here, and stay tuned for our next live shows airing on our Facebook page everyday at noon (weekends excluded) until Jan. 19th.

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