May 22, 2017

Lips: How to Get the Perfect Plump with Injectables

Whether it's your first time getting lip injections or you are looking to refine your look in a way you haven't experienced yet, there are plenty of ways you can achieve the perfect plump with dermal fillers. The team at 8 West Clinic have put together our top tips for getting the perfect lip plump with injectables.

Choose an Injector You Trust

The best tip for getting the perfect plumped lip with injectables is to use an injector you trust. This should come down to several factors, with the injector's previous experience high on your priority checklist. Be sure they are able to educate you on all of the questions you have, and be sure to ask them plenty of questions, too. Ideally, you want to work with an injector who specializes in the lips or has plenty of experience with fillers.

Select the Right Kind of Filler

While many aren't aware of this fact, there are plenty of different kinds of filler available for your injector to use. In addition to choosing the right injector who can educate you on the different types of fillers available, you should also do your own research.

If you're new to fillers, you may wish to go with a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler such as Restylane. This type of temporary filler can be erased with another injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase should you dislike the results you receive.

Be Conservative

When it comes to filling your lips, too little is always better than too much. Most lip fillers will last approximately 6 months, depending on your body type and activity level, so it's better to start very conservative and work your way towards your goal than to go with too much filler all at once. As a general rule of thumb, if people notice you've added filler to your lips, you may have gone too far.

Be Specific

The top request from patients is to have a natural look. The challenge is that "natural" means something different to everyone. Brings photos of the look you are going for. Your injector will help set your expectations so that you are clear about the expected result. Whatever you're after, be sure to communicate your specific goals clearly to your injector.

Have Realistic Expectations

Certainly do your research and bring in inspiration photos to show your injector, but be cognizant that not everyone can achieve movie star lips. Why? Because significantly plumped lips aren't always natural-looking on different face types. Allow your injector to educate you on what would be appropriate for your specific face type.

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