December 27, 2016

Forever Young BBL: A Patient Experience

My skin after my first Forever Young BBL Treatment. My second Forever Young BBL Treatment with Suzanne at 8 West Cosmetic.

Have you ever heard of a Forever Young BBL treatment, which is short for broadband light treatment? Another term for this light-based treatment is IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and it works wonders for reversing the aging process on a cellular level. We had our patient, Alexa, into our clinic to experience her second BBL treatment of 2016, and here are her results.

What does the Forever Young BBL treatment do? It reverses the aging process on a cellular level by targeting the genes associated with aging, resulting in younger-looking skin from the inside-out! With regular Forever Young BBL treatments (recommended two per year), your skin will look clearer, smoother and much younger for years to come.

A First-Account Patient Experience of a BBL Treatment

I visited 8 West Cosmetic in March 2016 for my first BBL treatment. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had heard wonders and was really excited to try this laser skin treatment. I had also met Suzanne, the skin-care specialist at 8 West, before, so I felt really comfortable immediately.

The main piece of information I had received that intrigued me to try a BBL was the study done by Stanford University. This study proved that BBL treatments work to either prevent aging or make the skin age backward when having two treatments per year, tested over a 10-year period.

The treatment took only about 15 minutes. Suzanne started by putting a thick layer of cooling gel on my skin, and then started with a few test laser pulses to make sure that it wasn't too much to handle. I found it to be slightly uncomfortable but very bearable - like Suzanne said, it felt like elastic bands snapping against my skin.

My skin after my first Forever Young BBL Treatment.

My skin after my first Forever Young BBL treatment. What I immediately noticed in my skin:

  • my skin was initially quite sensitive to the sun;
  • my skin was slightly red;
  • I noticed little black dots (like freckles) rising and then falling off in the coming days.

That very same night I had a friend over and, even though I wasn't wearing any makeup, she immediately noticed how glowing my skin was and wanted to know what I had done. I told her about my treatment, at which point I realized the glow must be from the boost of collagen that was expected from my Forever Young BBL.

Over the next few days I noticed my skin tone and texture improving. My skin tone was more balanced, my skin felt more moisturized and my pores were smaller, which resulted in my makeup going on more evenly. Because my skin is so prone to freckles, I also noticed fewer sunspots and an overall more youthful appearance.

My second Forever Young BBL Treatment with Suzanne at 8 West Cosmetic.

My second Forever Young BBL treatment with Suzanne at 8 West Cosmetic.

Most recently, I decided it was time for another visit for my second BBL to erase some of the sun damage I had incurred during my three-week summer vacation in Europe. Suzanne immediately remembered where we left off with my skin, and I found my second treatment to be much more comfortable. Just as quick, I noticed the same incredible results as I had the first time. Now, with winter before me, my skin is looking and feeling fresh. My sunspots are virtually gone, my skin tone and texture are balanced and my collagen is flowing - giving me that natural glow!

I had the opportunity to review my BBL treatment in this blog post and now, moving into 2017, I know one thing is for sure: I will get two BBL treatments every year to reap the benefits of this incredible anti-aging device - and I think you should, too!

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