January 24, 2017

Cleanse First-Timers: Detox Cleanse Tips from Our Team Challenge

If you haven't already heard from our blog posts over the last couple of weeks, our entire team at 8 West Cosmetic recently underwent a detox challenge with the Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Cleanse. During this period, our team members compiled plenty of detox cleanse tips and suggestions to help you get through your first cleanse with ease and success.

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Drink Plenty of Water

During a detoxing cleanse, it's normal to feel more dehydrated than usual, and you want to ensure you are drinking plenty of water to aid your body in expelling its toxicity. Whereas you might be used to increasing your regular daily water intake with caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea, these are cut out during the Metagenics Clear Change cleanse, and you therefore need to replace this habit with plain water.

Add Spices and Herbs to Your Meals

Katie, our in-house ROHP, recommends adding spices and herbs to your meals to increase the flavour without going outside of the boundaries of the cleanse. The Metagenics Clear Change cleanse comes with recommended meal plans and recipes, but you are more than welcome (and even encouraged) to get more creative. A little creativity with your own meal planning during a cleanse can help significantly in quenching your cravings and keeping yourself from leaving the dietary boundaries of the cleanse.

Wean Yourself off Caffeine and Sugar

Day 1 to 3 are reported to be the most challenging of the cleanse, particularly the Metagenics 10 Day program, and this is tried and true by our team members. As we spoke to each one, we realized something pretty spectacular: those who had already weaned themselves off of caffeine and sugar prior to starting the cleanse, either intentionally or as a result of traveling over the holidays, were withstanding these most challenging days with much more resilience and energy.

The others, who'd continued with their moderate-heavy caffeine and sugar intake right up until the day before the cleanse, were experiencing much harsher withdrawal symptoms that gave them headaches, a lack of energy, and irritable moods.

This is, therefore, one of our team's top detox cleanse tips: wean yourself off of your caffeine and sugar intake, or at least cut back significantly, prior to starting your cleanse. Going cold turkey with it on day 1 will make your journey more challenging.

Do the Cleanse with a Team or Partner

The saving grace for many of our team members during the hardest days and most challenging moments of the cleanse was the sense of community and support that came along with doing the cleanse as a group.

This has naturally become one of our team's top cleanse suggestions: do your detox with a friend, partner, or group to ensure you have an adequate support system, and even consider a potluck arrangement for your daily meals as we did at 8 West.

Detox Cleanse Tips from our Team

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Join us on our Cleanse Journey

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Are you ready to undertake this detoxing journey to feel your very best? We want you to experience this wonderful, detoxifying journey and we are currently offering free BIA testing with our ROHP, Katie, as well as 15% off your own cleanse kit.

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