April 5, 2024

Keys to Success with Double Eyelid Surgery

Keys to Success with Double Eyelid SurgeryVideo transcript: The keys to success for double eyelid surgery are several. First of all it is important to have an in depth consultation to decide what type of crease a patient might want. The pros and cons of different crease heights and shapes, also to talk a little bit about what should be expected from the surgery.It is important to have realistic expectations when we are doing this type of surgery because it is possible to haveasymmetries. Sometimes the swelling after surgery persists longer than we might like. I think to be aware of what is going to be expected with the surgery is really important.In addition we have processes and procedures in place to make the post operative and the peri operativeperioda smooth and successful one. Another key to success is determining which type of procedure is best for an individual patient. For example the suture technique might be extremely helpful in a patient with relatively thin skin who's younger anddoesn'thave any extra skin or extra fat in the upper eyelid. It may not be appropriate with someone with thicker skin or with lots of fat and bulging in the upper eyelid tissues. It is important to get a good physical examination of the patient prior to recommending one of the techniques.

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